GEF Research Impact Award

Award Announcement

GEF Research Impact Award
Deadline: May 6, 2019

The GEF Research Impact Award recognizes outstanding student achievement in Psychology research and scholarship, and is awarded annually in the spring to the UTM Psychology Graduate student who has published the most significant paper in the preceding calendar year. 


This award serves to showcase the high quality of graduate research in Psychology at UTM, and acknowledge the student productivity and innovation that contribute to U of T’s standing as a world-renowned research university.

  • Submissions must be peer-reviewed published articles presenting original work (e.g., new data and results, equations/theories, resources or methods).
  • The student must have taken a leading role in the published work either as first author or co-first author.
  • The majority of the research in the paper must have been conducted while the student was in UTM Psychology. Present and former students are both eligible to win the award so long as their paper was published in the preceding year.

A student can submit any paper published in the preceding year. Along with the paper submission, a letter of nomination from the student’s supervisor or a faculty member in the department must be included.

Papers will be judged on demonstrated:

  • Significance/implications for theory, practice, and policy
  • Originality, innovation, and potential impact
  • Appropriateness, application, and rigor of methodology
  • Quality of data collection/analysis and research findings

The winner, plus  two runner-ups, will be selected by a committee of three faculty members and one graduate student representing the breadth of research interests in UTM Psychology. Recognized students will receive a cash-prize ($500 and $100 for first place and runner-ups, respectively) and winners will be listed on a plaque displayed on the GEF Research Impact Award board. Nominees are expected to attend the award ceremony in March.

Paper and a short letter of nomination should be submitted to the GEF Research Impact Committee by May 6, 2019. Send entries to

If you have questions about this award, please contact Diana Peragine at  


Rahleh Saryazdi

Saryazdi, R., Bannon, J., Rodrigues, A., Klammer, C., & Chambers, C. G. (2018). Picture perfect: A stimulus set of 225 pairs of matched clipart and photographic images normed by Mechanical Turk and laboratory participants. Behavior Research Methods, 1-13. 

Diana Peragine

Peragine, D. E., Pokarowski, M., Mendoza-Viveros, L., Swift-Gallant, A., Cheng, H. Y. M., Bentley, G. E., & Holmes, M. M. (2017). RFamide-related peptide-3 (RFRP-3) suppresses sexual maturation in a eusocial mammal. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences114(5), 1207-1212. 

Ashlyn Swift-Gallant

Swift-Gallant, A., Coome, L. A., Ramzan, F., & Monks, D. A. (2015). Nonneural Androgen Receptors Affect Sexual Differentiation of Brain and Behavior. Endocrinology157(2), 788-798. 


Firyal Ramzan (Director, GEF Research Impact Committee)

Dr. Glenn Schellenberg (Judge, GEF Research Impact Committee)

Dr. Jennifer Stellar (Judge, GEF Research Impact Committee)

Dr. Iva Zovkic (Judge, GEF Research Impact Committee)


Samantha Mahabir (Director, GEF Research Impact Committee)

Dr. Keisuke Fuda (Judge, GEF Research Impact Committee)

Dr. Anna Lomanowska (Judge, GEF Research Impact Committee) 

Dr. Doug VanderLaan (Judge, GEF Research Impact Committee) 


Diana Peragine (Director, GEF Research Impact Comittee)

Dr. Brett Beston (Judge, GEF Research Impact Committee)

Dr. Norman Farb (Judge, GEF Research Impact Committee)

Dr. Loren Martin (Judge, GEF Research Impact Committee)