Psychology Experiment Database PSYCHED

The Psychology Experiment Database has been designed to allow researchers to add experiments and have participants sign up through an online secure program PSYCHED.  This application can have both Psychology students and paid participants sign up. UTORid and password are required for Psychology participants only.  Paid participants sign up by submitting their contact information.n.

Psychology Participants

All students enrolled in the Psychology courses participating in "Experiments for Course Credit' are allowed to participate in experiments or complete substitute assignments to earn credit towards their final grade. 

Each hour long experiment would be worth 0.67% and a 30 minute experiment would be worth 0.33% of their final grad. Some experiments may be longer than an hour (e.g. 1.5, 2 or 3 hours).

Psychology students who elect to satisfy the research participation requirement by serving as volunteer subjects in ongoing research are required to sign up for experiments through the PsychED application program. 

The last day for students to participate in an experiment is the last day of the term (click here for updated dates).  

In order to have use of the Psychology subject pool, you must provide a substitute assignment.  If you do not provide a substitute assignment you will be denied access to the Experiment Database  subject pool.  Click here for instruction on submitting a substitute assignment.

Paid Participants

Individuals wishing to participate in studies to receive financial compensation can sign up by going to the Paid Experiments webpage.  Participants will be asked to provide name and contact information.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Psychology students participating for academic credit should NOT receive financial compensation unless participation is after the last day of term.