Undergraduate Studies

The Department of Psychology offers research-based BSc programs that focus on various aspects of behaviour in humans and animals. Our emphasis is on cognitive, perceptual, social, physiological and genetic bases of behaviour. As a science program, we adopt an objective approach in which the study of behaviour is grounded in empirical research.

Psychology is the science that examines the structure and organization of behaviour in animals and humans. It is concerned with the means by which behaviour is acquired, and explores the mechanisms of adaptation to the social and physical environments. Emphasis is on cognitive, social, physiological, genetic and other factors that determine or affect behaviour.

Topics covered by Psychology courses are developmental changes in behaviour, learning, the structure and organization of the senses, modes of perceiving and responding to the environment, genetic events that shape behaviour, the origins and implications of drives, motives, conflicts, and emotions, and the wide variety of individual and species differences that are produced by differences in genetic endowment, physiology and past experience.