Brown Bag Series 2023-24

In-House Research Presentations 

Come out and participate in the department’s Brown Bag meetings. 
Dates/Location/Presenters listed below - 10am to 12pm

Speakers typically present work in progress or give practice talks for conferences. All faculty and department trainees (including post-docs, graduate students and undergraduates working in our labs) are encouraged to attend.

November 23, 2023 - DV 3130

Yachen Li
Judging Prosocially Motivated Wrongdoings

Gideon Park
Partner (In)Congruence in Gender Role Attitudes and Relationship Satisfaction

Stephanie Shishis
The First Steps Towards Optimizing Zebrafish Housing Conditions: The Effect of Tank Size & Fish Density on the Behaviour of Zebrafish

November 2, 2023 - DV 3130

Elizabeth Long
“Me in a nutshell”: Exploring the Content and Properties of Self-Defining Traits

Xinye Peng
Machine Learning Aided Study of Factors Predicting Variation in Naked Mole-Rat Aggression

Daisy Hu
Cortical Structure and Female Sexual/Gender Diversity: A Comparison of Thai Heterosexual Men and Women, Lesbians, Toms, and Dees

September 28, 2023 - DV 3130

Iva Zovkic
Epigenetic Basis of Memory and Alzheimer's Disease

Anna Kosovicheva
Why We Can’t See Eye to Eye: Individual Differences in Visual Perception in the Lab and Beyond

Will Huggon
Career Trajectory for a Teaching Stream