Child Study and Education, Master of Arts


The Combined Degree Program (CDP): UTM, Honours Bachelor of Science, Specialist/Major in Psychology / Child Study and Education, Master of Arts is designed for students interested in studying human development and related areas, such as​ diversity and inclusion. Students may apply studies in these areas towards professional training leading to teacher certification.

This CDP permits the completion of both degrees in six years. One full graduate course (1.0 full-course equivalent [FCE]) can be counted towards both the undergraduate and graduate degrees.

For a general description of CDPs, see General Regulations section 1.4.3.

There are 3 different combined programs, see below for links to specific programs and admission requirements.


Honours Bachelor of Science Program
Department of Psychology, University of Toronto Mississauga
Stuart Kamenetsky

Master of Arts Program
Department of Applied Psychology and Human Development, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education