Brown Bag Presenters Archive


June 22, 2023 - DV 3130 & Zoom

Harashdeep Deol
Social Modulation of Pain in Drug-Naïve Cohabitants of Mice Administered Chronic Morphine

Jennifer Chan
Application of Heart Rate Fragmentation as a Novel Biomarker for Assessing Allostatic Load

May 25, 2023 - DV 3130 & Zoom

Jason Payne
How Are You? The Nomological Net of Influences on General Wellbeing Judgements

Luis de la Viña
When Positive Emotions Are Not So Positive: Children's and Adults' Understanding of How Emotional Valence and Intensity Impact Attention

April 13, 2023 - Zoom

Tiana Simovic
How does Social Reasoning Guide Pronoun Resolution?

Greer Gillies
How Does the Memorability Benefit Emerge Over Time?

Ashley Dhillon
Attitudes Towards Gender-Stereotypical Child Rearing Practices by Parents of Cisgender and Gender-diverse Children in Northern Thailand

Nursima Ünver
Stimulus Uncertainty Modulates Similarity-Induced Memory Bias

March 23, 2023 - DV 3130 & Zoom

Jaweria Qaiser
Understanding Compassion Fatigue

Laura MacMullin
Empathy, Gender Stereotyping, and Trait Perceptions of Gender-Diverse Peers Among 8- to 11-year-olds

Mariela Faykoo-Martinez
Sociobiological Factors Have Widespread Effects on Brain Morphology in Eusocial Mammals as Revealed by a High Resolution 3D Atlas

Hanieh Naeimi
Intercultural Romantic Relationships

Zaiyuan Hu
Personality Development in Racialized Emerging Adults

Sarra Jiwa
Person Perception in Online Dating and Romantic Interactions

February 23, 2023 - Zoom

Anna Liu
Does Language Background Affect Our Attention to Speech in Complex Scenes?

Xinye Peng
Navigation Strategy in Naked Mole-rats 

Ben Tsang
Fishes in Behavioral Neuroscience Research 

Emily Shroads
Dealing with Variability in Speech

Anne Cabildo
Repeat After Me: Exploring What Children’s Speaking and Singing Reveals About Their Domain-specific Knowledge 

Sarah Scott
Identity and the Physiological Stress Response 

January 26, 2023 - MN 5128 & Zoom

Samuel Ronfard
How Children Come to Think New Thoughts

Doug VanderLaan
Who Am I and What Am I Doing Here?

Norman Farb
All the Feels: The Surprising Role of Sensation in Mental Health

November 24, 2022 - DV 3130 & Zoom

Natalie Sisson
Thank You for Changing: Gratitude Promotes Successful Partner Regulation and Relationship Satisfaction Through Autonomous Motivation

Joseph Saito
Attentional Prioritization in Working Memory Changes Interactions with Task-Relevant Perception

Tim McLean
Interactions between the histone variant macroH2A1.1 and PARP1 regulate neuronal transcription and memory

October 27, 2022 - DV 3130 & Zoom

Sandra Poulson
A Neurotransmitter Drives the Nocebo Effect in a Mouse Model of Socially Enhanced Pain

Elizabeth Long
Self as Both Judge and Target: How Does Personality Consistency Impact People’s Knowledge of What They are Like in General?

September 29, 2022 - DV 3130 & Zoom

Keisuke Fukuda
Why Does my Memory Suck?

Melissa Holmes
Making Sense of Mole-rats: Why we Study Unusual Animals to Learn about the Social Brain

Benjamin Wolfe
Applied Perception Research, or the Art of Avoiding a Moose to the Face

Robert Gerlai
Why 75 Thousand Scientists Study Zebrafish Around the World, and How Do We at UTM Contribute to This Work? Robert Gerlai on the Role of Zebrafish in Behavioural Neuroscience Research and Teaching.



June 23, 2022 - Zoom

Tiana Simovic
Using Perspective Cues to Guide Pronominal Reference Interpretation

Thomas St. Pierre
What Goes Up, Might Come Down: The Development of Language Biases Across Childhood

May 26, 2022 - Zoom

Norhan Elsaadawy
Who Would Like Me? Within-Person Variability in Meta-liking Judgments at Zero-Acquaintance

Nathan Leonhardt
Orgasm Consistency in Mixed-Gender Couples: Actor, Partner, and Discrepancy Effects from Dyadic Response Surface Analysis

March 24, 2022 - Zoom

Laura MacMullin
A Qualitative Analysis of Risk and Resilience Among BIPOC Trans Youth

Jida Jaffan
The Icing on the Cake. Or is it Frosting? How Group Membership Affects Children’s Lexical Choices

Yachen Li
Hurting to Help the Ones You Love: Perception of Prosocial Immoral Acts

February 24, 2022 - Zoom

Mariela Faykoo-Martinez
Transcriptional Changes in the Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Gonadal Axis in an Extreme Model of Pubertal Suppression

Jennifer Chan
Associations amongst Police Lethal Force Errors, Stress, and Mental Health

Lindsey Thurston
Sex/Gender Differences in Adolescent White Matter Microstructure

February 3, 2022 - Zoom

Debanjan Borthakur
Breathing Biofeedback for Post-Traumatic Stress Injury

Luis De la Vina Simon
Sociomoral Evaluations of Commitments and Violations of Interpersonal Trust in Testimonial Exchanges

Gideon Park 
Within-person Associations Between Sexual and Relationship Satisfaction Over Time

Ashley Kaur Dhillon
Construct Validity of the Dual Gender Identity Interview

Victoria Pringle
What Does it Mean to Get to Know Someone?

Zahra Siddiqi
The Limit of Discriminability in Zebrafish

Jaweria Qaiser
Understanding Compassion Fatigue

Levi Stutzman
The Development of Sensitivity to Beat Gesture Asynchrony

Stephanie Shishis
Have We Been Keeping Zebrafish Wrong? Housing Density and Tank Size Affect Behavioural Responses in Adult Zebrafish

November 25, 2021 - Zoom

Rebecca Horne
Title: Sacrifice and Basic Psychological Need Satisfaction in Romantic Relationships

Natalie Sisson
Title: The Benefits of Living with Close Others: A Longitudinal Examination of Mental Health Before and During a Global Stressor

Jason Payne
Title: The Personality Structure of Affect Revisited

October 28, 2021 - Zoom

Amanda Facciol
Title: Developmental Stage-Dependent Effects of Embryonic Ethanol Exposure on Social Behaviour and Neurochemistry in Adult Zebrafish

Jennet Baumbach
Title: Central Sensitization Regulates Responses to Painful and Stressful Stimuli after
Recovery from CFA-Induced Pain in Male Mice

Sandra Poulson
Title: Neural Basis for Socially Enhanced Pain in Mice

September 30, 2021 - Zoom

Navdeep Lidhar
Title: The Role of Opioid Receptors in Social Approach Behaviour to Conspecifics in Pain

Emma Mannan
Title: Role of Dynorphin in Chronic Pain and Associated Working Memory Impairment in Mice

Joseph Saito
Title: Judgments During Perceptual Comparisons Predict Distinct Forms of Memory Updating



June 17, 2021 - Zoom

Taylor Irvine
Title: Sociosexual, Anxiety-, and Depression-Like Behaviour in Transgenic and Hormonally Induced Models of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Caitlin Tozios
Title: The Multiple Encoding Benefit: Encoding Opportunities Amplify Benefits from Encoding Duration in Visual Long-Term Memory

Harashdeep Deol
Title: The Influence of Adverse Childhood Experiences on Vicarious Pain Perception in Undergraduate Students

Jason Payne
Title: A Look into the Construct Validity of Global Life-Satisfaction Judgments

May 20, 2021 - Zoom

Emma Galarneau
Title: Feeling Bad about Feeling Mad: Anger Predicts Lower Aggression and Higher Non-Aggressive Disruptive Behavior in Children with Higher Ethical Guilt

Yiyi Wang
Title: Mental Training for Academic Success during the Pandemic

Ruofang (Sonny) Wang
Title: Exploring Connections between Inference and Perspective Taking in Reading

April 22, 2021 - Zoom

Kyle Logie
Title: What's in a Breath? Clarifying the Role of Interoceptive Awareness in the Transfer of Arousal

Anas Reda
Title: Acetylation as a Modifier of H2A.Z Function in Memory

Tiana Simovic
Title: How does General Cognition fit into Real-time Language Comprehension?

March 25, 2021 - Zoom

Greer Gillies
Title: Tracing the Emergence of Stimulus Memorability

Amanda Leonetti
Title: The Diversity of RNA Modifications at the Synapse and their Role during Memory Formation

Jida Jaffan
Title: Mirroring Language with Virtual Agents

Tim McLean
Title: Role of mH2A1 Splice Variants in Neuronal Transcription and Memory Formation



March 5, 2020 - DV UTM Room

Priscilla Fung
Title: Monolingual and Bilingual Toddlers' Reliance on the Mutual Exclusivity Principle and Statistics to Learn Colour Labels

Madeleine Yu
Title: Re-evaluating the Other Accent Effect in Talker Recognition

Feb 20, 2020 - DV 3130

Rachel Forbes
Title: When the Mighty Fall: Harsher responses to the moral transgressions of the powerful

Yachen Li
Title: Awe and Perspective Taking

Jan 23, 2020 - DV UTM Room

Nathan Leonhardt
Title: Relationship Satisfaction and Commitment Trajectories in the Transition to Parenthood: A Latent Class Growth Analysis Approach

Raheleh Saryazdi
Title: Communicative Perspective Taking with a Social Robot 

Nov 21, 2019 - DV 3130

Laura MacMullin
Title: Examining the Relation between Gender Nonconformity and Psychological Well-Being in Children: The Roles of Peers and Parents

Diana Peragine
Title: It's Not Who You Are, but Who You're With:Re-examining the Gender Gap in Coital Debut Satisfaction 

Lindsey Thurston
Title: Mental Rotation Task Performance in a Gender Diverse Thai Sample: A Test of Neurohormonal Theory

Paula Di Nota
Title: Police Stress and Memory: Implications for Policy and Practice


May 27, 2019 - Council Chambers

Ilapreet Toor
Title: Tracking the Life History of the Naked Mole-rat

Robert Redford
Title: What Do People Tell Us When They Say They Are mindful? The Influence of Positive Biases and Mediation Experience

Thanh Phung
Title: Genital Stimulation Facilitates a Sexual Reward State in Male and Female Mice

Monica Ghabrial
Title: Exploring the Feasibility and Potential Benefits of Web-based Support for Women Living with HIV

April 29, 2019 - Council Chambers

Rebecca Horne
Title: The Sex was Good - No - Great! Emotion Regulation during Sex and Sexual and Relationship Well-being

Maxwell Barranti
Title: Evaluative Bias in Moral 

Navi Lidhar
Title: The Neural Mechanisms Underlying the Social Modulation of Pain

Troy Collins
Title: The Effects of Social Novelty on Cell Proliferation in a Eusocial Mammal

April 15, 2019 - Council Chambers

Natalie Sisson
Title: How Do You Change a Narcissist? Partner Regulation As A Function of Narcissism 

Mariela Faykoo-Martinez
Title: Identifying Molecular Mechanisms of Socially-Mediated Pubertal Suppression 

Mahmoud Bitar
Title: Investigating The Androgenic Regulation of Sexually Dimorphic Mouse Major Urinary Protein Phermones

Vassilia Michailidis
Title: Characterizing Glial Changes in the Comorbidity Between Chronic Pain & Depression

April 1, 2019 - Council Chambers

James Kim
Title: Sociosexual Orientation as a Bidemensional Construct 

Firyal Ramzan
Title: Androgen Receptors and Histone Variant H2A.Z Interact to Regulate Fear

Joanna Peplak
Title: Adolescents' Narratives of Schadenfreude

March 4, 2019 - Council Chambers

Raheleh Saryazdi
Title: Age Differences In Perspective Taking During Real-Time Language Comprehension 

Erinn Acland
Title: Resting Vagal Activity & Prosociality in Children

Jennifer Chan
Title: HRV Biofeedback & Reducing Lethal Use-Of-Force Errors In Police Officers Exposed to Trauma

February 4, 2019 - UTM Room (Previously Faculty Club) 

Eleanor Myatt
Title: Helping Others & Recieving Help: Refugee Children's Narration of Prosocial Receiving

Rachel Forbes
Title: Responses To The Moral Transgressions of The Powerful

Caitlin Tozios
Title: Successful Encoding Into Visual Long-Term Memory Is Determined By The Number of Encoding Opportunities Instead of Visual Working

January 21, 2019 - Council Chambers (DV 3130)

Norhan Elsaadawy 
Title: Self-Knowledge and Interpersonal Perception

Nathan Leonhardt
Title: An Organizational Framework for Sexual Media's Influence on Sexual Quality

November 26, 2018 - Council Chambers (DV 3130)

Thomas Anderson
Title: Microdosing Psychedelics: Setting a Foundation

Laura MacMullin
Title: Self-Harm and Suicidality In Gender-Nonconforming Children: A Canadian Community-Based Study

Diana Peragine
Title: Sex Difference or Learned Difference in Sexual "Drive"? Towards an Incentive Motivation Model of Sexual Desire Development


January 22, 2018 - Council Chambers (DV 3130)

Rebecca Horne
Title: "A Labour of Love? Emotion Work in Intimate Relationships"

Max Barranti
Title: "Is Personality Change Adaptive?"

January 29, 2018 - Council Chambers (DV 3130)

Paula Di Nota
Title: Examining the Longitudinal Influences of a Physiological Intervention on Police Decision-Making

Malvina Skorska
Title: Physical and Family Demographic Correlates of Sexual Orientation

February 26, 2018 - Faculty Club

Raheleh Saryazdi
Title: Age-related differences in referential production

Natisha Nabbijohn
Title: Behavioural and Emotional Problems in a Community Sample of Gender-Nonconforming Children: The Mediating Role of Peer Problems

April 2, 2018 - Council Chambers (3130)

Ju-Hyun Song
Title: Taming Anger and Trusting Others: Distinct Correlates of Reactive and Proactive Aggression in Early Childhood

Stefannelli Gilda
The histone chaperone Anp32E regulates H2A.Z eviction and turnover and regulates memory formation in the hippocampus

April 16, 2018 - Faculty Club

Lauryn Conway
Title: Health-Related Quality of Life in Children with Epilepsy: A Focus on Measurement in Research and Clinical Settings

Robert Redford
Title: Measurement Invariance of Trait Mindfulness Scales Across Meditators and Non-Meditators

April 30, 2018 - Council Chambers (DV 3130)

Rachel Forbes
Title: When the Ones We Love Misbehave: Exploring moral processes in intimate bonds

Norhan Elsaadawy
Title: Is meta-accuracy a trait? Meta-accuracy across social contexts

May 14, 2018 - Council Chambers (DV 3130)

James Kim
Title: Buffering Partners during Sexual Rejection: The Importance of Reassuring Behaviors

Firyal Ramzan
Title: Androgen Receptors and Histone Variant H2A.Z Interact to Affect Fear Memory