Departmental Scholarships

In-Course Scholarships

The UTM Department of Psychology has in-course scholarships that are awarded yearly.  There are no application procedures. Students will be awarded based on their eligibility under each scholarship's criteria.

David Family Scholarship

To be awarded to an upper year student in high academic standing enrolled in a Major or Specialist Psychology program with demonstrated interest in the field of mental health and who intends to pursue a career in the field.


2019-20 Murphy, Gabriela
2018-19 Jbara, Nirma                         


Linda Kralik Memorial Award

Awarded to an outstanding student registered in the Exceptionality in Human Learning program. Preference will be given to students in third year and above. Community involvement and personal qualities will be taken into consideration. If in any given year a suitable recipient can not be found from the Exceptionality in Human Learning Program, a student will be selected from either the Specialist or Major program in Psychology.


2019-20 Antidormi, Ethan
2018-19 Kazi, Sharmin
2017-18 Chen, Vanessa
  Sran, Rupinder Kaur
2016-17 Dodds, Meredith
2015-16 Van Gaasbeek, Emily
2014-15 Jong, Joanne
2013-14 Alameddine, Nisreen
2012-13 Cawthorn, Cherylann             
2011-12 Brar, Jaspal


Mississauga Erin Mills Rotary Club Scholarship in Psychology

Awarded to a student with high standing who is entering fourth year of the Psychology Specialist program.


2019-20 Saab, Marian
2018-19 Sell, Nicole
2017-18 Mehrotra, Mishika
2016-17 Ziolkowski, Justine
2015-16 Sadowski, Adam
2014-15 Lau, Sheila
2013-14 Li, Wei Fu
2012-13 Khattab, Maryam
2011-12 Qin, Meiying


The I.M. Spigel Memorial Scholarship in Psychology

Awarded to a full-time or part-time student who has demonstrated outstanding academic achievement and intellectual curiosity, and who has encouraged a love of scholarship through either his/her own personal attitude and achievement or through his/her assistance to others. Registration in the Psychology Specialist program is required.


2019-20 Drobenko, Michael
  Miinalainen, Miina Juliet Grace
2018-19 Pringle, Victoria
  Bride, Hannah
  Onorato, Paolina
2017-18 Ngo, Hazel
  Holmes, Paige
  Hall, Meaghan
2016-17 Mehmood, Tehreem
  Yau, Matthew
2015-16 Baisyrymova, Leila
  Mouftah, Abdel Rahman
2014-15 Chen, Yongyu
2013-14 Nowicki, Magda
  Penkul, Paul
  Shakil, Amna
2012-13 Chan, Claire Marie
  Redford, Robert
  Sawczak, Caspian
2011-12 Puka, Klajdi
  Zimmerman, Jacqueline
  Zimmerman, Joelle


Exceptional Academic Performance in First-Year Award

Awarded to students who have demonstrated outstanding academic achievement in Introduction to Psychology (PSY100Y5) during their first year of University.


2019-20 Lou, Gladys
2018-19 Beidas, Zeina
  Rizvi, Syeda Taliya
2017-18 Galytskyy, Mariam
2016-17 Lluka, Sheron
  Sell, Nicole
  Wang, Ruofang
2015-16 Teng, Fangfei
  Wasif, Fatima
2014-15 Ziolkowski, Justine
2013-14 Feheim. Michelle
  Mujahid, Shaigan
2012-13 Lau, Sheila
  Khan, Ramsha


Exceptional Academic Performance in Second-Year Award

Awarded to students who have demonstrated outstanding academic achievement in all their courses during their second-year of University.  The recipient must apply and gain admission into one of the following Specialist programs offered by the UTM Department of Psychology: Psychology, Exceptionality in Human Learning, or Behaviour, Genetics and Neurobiology. 


2019-20 Ali, Anood
  Beidas, Zeina
2018-19 Murphy, Gabriela
  Melfi, Claire Emilia
2017-18 Kolisnyk, Matthew Elliott
  Jbara, Nirma Hatem
2016-17 Holmes, Paige
  Mehrotra, Mishika
  Presswala, Batul
2015-16 Yau, Matthew
  Ngo, Hazel
2014-15 Mouftah, Abdel Rahman
  Dias, Marilia
2013-14 Cox, Melissa
  Van Gaasbeen, Emily
2012-13 Jurewicz, Zuzanna