Teaching Assistant Positions


FALL 2024 & WINTER 2025

These jobs are posted in accordance with the CUPE 3902 Unit 1 Collective Agreement (Internal)

Unit 1 represents Undergraduate Students at the University of Toronto, and Graduate Students and Post Doctoral Fellows at the School of Graduate Studies of the University of Toronto.

Below are Psychology courses offered on the University of Toronto Mississauga Campus during the Fall 2024 and Winter 2025 sessions. Persons wishing to assist in any of these courses should complete an online application on or before the deadline.

Application Deadline: July 03, 2024

Available Sessions:

Fall & Winter Y Session: September 2024 – April 2025 
Fall F Session: September 2024 – December 2024 
Winter S Session: January 2025 – April 2025 
(actual work may continue until final grades have been submitted)

Rate of Pay
According to the collective agreement between the University and the Canadian Union of Public Employees, Local 3902, the applicable rates of pay and job classifications are:
Effective January 1, 2024: UG/SGS I/SGS II/PDF: $51.93 

Effective January 1, 2025: UG/SGS I/SGS II/PDF: $52.97

Please note that should rates stipulated in the collective agreement vary from rates stated in this posting, the rates stated in the collective agreement shall prevail.

At least a 4-year degree in Psychology with appropriate background for the course to be demonstrated.

NOTE: All UTM Psychology course are being offered In-Person. Should the delivery method change, department will provide as much notice as possible. You must be proficient in Quercus in order to fulfill these duties.

Training opportunities will be sent out later this month.

Duties and Responsibilities
Marking/grading; contact hours with students; preparation; test invigilating; Quercus uploading of files and grades; leading tutorials if indicated.

Hiring Criteria 16:03(a) of Current Collective Agreement
Hiring Criteria shall be: academic qualifications, demonstrable suitability for the position, The University’s need to support excellent students in pursuing graduate studies with the hiring department or a graduate center or institute, enrolment in a recognized graduate program of study in the hiring Department or a Graduate Centre or Institute, financial need, the need to acquire experience, previous experience , teaching ability, and, for continuing students, previous satisfactory employment under the provisions of this collective agreement.

  • In deciding between two relatively equal candidates, the Employer shall hire candidate with the greater competence.

Preference 16:03(a) of Current Collective Agreement
Preference in hiring shall be given to graduate students enrolled in the School of Graduate Studies of the University of Toronto or those who have made application to be enrolled in the School of Graduate Studies of the University of Toronto. Appointments shall be made for the full academic session, or a portion thereof.

Note: Highest priority will be given to Psychology Graduate Students who are supervised by University of Toronto Mississauga Psychology Faculty.

Notes of Importance
Departmental Standards and Hiring Policy is available http://www.utm.utoronto.ca/psychology/hiring-policy; positions posted are tentative pending final course determinations and enrolments; appointments include the completion of all regular course grading not completed by end of the appointment.

Application Instructions

The on-line application form can be found at:
Fall/Winter’24-’25 TA Application Form    

Applicants not able to apply on-line should contact:
Ammar Masud

The University of Toronto is strongly committed to diversity within its community and especially welcomes applications from racialized persons/ persons of colour, women, Indigenous/ Aboriginal People of North America, persons with disabilities, LGBTQ persons, and others who may contribute to the further diversification of ideas.

The University strives to be an equitable and inclusive community, and proactively seeks to increase diversity among its community members. Our values regarding equity and diversity are linked with our unwavering commitment to excellence in the pursuit of our academic mission. The University is committed to the principles of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA). As such, we strive to make our recruitment, assessment, and selection processes as accessible as possible and provide accommodations as required for applicants with disabilities. If you require any accommodations at any point during the application and hiring process, please contact uoft.careers@utoronto.ca.

All jobs are posted in accordance with the CUPE 3902 Unit 1 Collective Agreement. It is understood that some announcements of vacancies are tentative, pending final course determinations and enrollment.

Positions Available
For detailed information about these courses, view the academic calendar

“Y” Session Available Positions 

Course Number and Title Estimated Course Enrolment Approximate Size of Appointment in Hours Estimated Number of Positions 
PSY100Y5Y - Introductory Psychology850114816
PSY400Y5Y - Thesis14311
PSY401H5Y - Knowledge Translation: Delivering Scientific Discovery to the Real-World 13151
PSY442Y5Y - Practicum in Exceptionality in Human Learning20451

“F” Session Available Positions (Fall) 

Course Number and Title Estimated Course Enrolment Approximate Size of Appointment per TA (in Hours) Estimated Number of Positions 
JLP285H5F - Language, Mind, & Brain77982
JLP315H5F - Language Development32591
JLP388H5F - Bilingualism and Multiple Language Acquisition40561
PSY201H5F - Introduction to Quantitative Research in Psychology I3195268
PSY210H5F - Introduction to Developmental Psychology1802264
PSY220H5F - Introduction to Social Psychology1803025
PSY230H5F - Introduction to Personality Science1503025
PSY240H5F - Introduction to Abnormal Psychology1383025
PSY270H5F - Cognition: The Machinery of the Mind1301463
PSY290H5F - Introduction to Neuroscience1932164
PSY309H5F - Experimental Design and Theory823676
PSY311H5F - Social Development63882
PSY312H5F - Children's Thinking: Cognitive Development in a Social World801122
PSY317H5F - Gender and Sexual Development65912
PSY320H5F - Social Psychology:  Attitudes801122
PSY321H5F - Cross-cultural Psychology731022
PSY324H5F - The Science of Wellbeing881232
PSY330H5F - The Basics of Measurement in Social and Personality Psychology39701
PSY333H5F - Health Psychology66922
PSY343H5F - Theories of Psychotherapy59832
PSY344H5F - Forensic Psychology1492093
PSY345H5F - Exceptionality:  Disability and Giftedness1151613
PSY346H5F - Abnormal Psychology:  Neuroscience Perspectives1151613
PSY362H5F - Animal Cognition40561
PSY368H5F - Neuroimaging Laboratory20281
PSY371H5F - Higher Cognitive Processes39551
PSY385H5F - Human Factors: Applying Perceptual and Cognitive Research to the World31431
PSY391H5F - Psychology of Pain70982
PSY392H5F - Behavioural Epigenetics21291
PSY397H5F - Neuroplasticity and Behaviour1211693
PSY410H5F - Special Topics in Developmental Psychology12131
PSY440H5F - Special Topics in Abnormal Psychology15171
PSY471H5F - Special Topics in Cognition14161
PSY480H5F - Special Topics in Perception891
PSY490H5F - Advanced Topics in Neuroscience18201

“S” Session Available Positions (Winter) 

Course Number and Title Estimated Course Enrolment Approximate Size of Appointment in Hours Estimated Number of Positions 
JLP315H5S - Language Development48792
JLP383H5S - Language Processing: Words, Sentences, and Discourse11291
JLP384H5S - Speech Communication14481
JLP481H5S - Topics in Developmental Psycholinguistics17191
PSY202H5S - Introduction to Quantitative Research in Psychology II1744877
PSY210H5S - Introduction to Developmental Psychology1932164
PSY220H5S - Introduction to Social Psychology1802024
PSY240H5S - Introduction to Abnormal Psychology2512815
PSY270H5S - Cognition: The Machinery of the Mind2452744
PSY280H5S - Sensation and Perception: Where the World Meets the Brain1671873
PSY290H5S - Introduction to Neuroscience2943295
PSY310H5S - Adolescence and Emerging Adulthood1051473
PSY311H5S - Social Development1021433
PSY319H5S - Developmental Psychology Laboratory21942
PSY320H5S - Social Psychology:  Attitudes70982
PSY324H5S - The Science of Wellbeing60842
PSY325H5S - Psychology of the Self1452033
PSY327H5S - Psychology of Intimate Relationships841573
PSY328H5S - Psychology and the Law1452034
PSY329H5S - Social/Personality Laboratory20902
PSY331H5S - Psychology of Emotion65912
PSY340H5S - Abnormal Psychology:  Adult Disorders65912
PSY341H5S - Abnormal Psychology:  Disorders of Children and Adolescents1261764
PSY343H5S - Theories of Psychotherapy62872
PSY345H5S - Exceptionality:  Disability and Giftedness921293
PSY352H5S - Animal Behaviour63712
PSY354H5S - The Biopsychology of Sex54762
PSY368H5S - Neuroimaging Laboratory20902
PSY369H5S - Behavioural Neuroscience Laboratory24341
PSY372H5S - Human Memory: The World within your Mind68952
PSY379H5S - Cognitive Psychology Laboratory12541
PSY389H5S - Perception Laboratory15671
PSY391H5S - Psychology of Pain70982
PSY392H5S - Behavioural Epigenetics51711
PSY393H5S - Human Neuropsychology1001402
PSY402H5S - Roots of Psychology: A history of the field from the 19th century to the present day37671
PSY410H5S - Special Topics in Social Psychology12131
PSY420H5S - Special Topics in Developmental Psychology20221
PSY430H5S - Special Topics in Personality20221
PSY440H5S - Special Topics in Abnormal Psychology20221
PSY471H5S - Special Topics in Cognition14161