Psychology at the University of Toronto Mississauga is an experimental discipline situated within the life sciences and devoted to the understanding of behaviour.

Our faculty complement includes scientists who study:

  • personality
  • social behaviour
  • development
  • abnormal behaviour
  • cognition
  • perception
  • behavioural neuroscience

Our globally-ranked research reflects many analytic approaches to the investigation of behaviour and includes the study of both humans and animals. This range and diversity of our research expertise is reflected in our undergraduate program, which is broad and comprehensive, preparing our students for postgraduate programs and other occupations requiring a Psychology background.

As part of the tri-campus graduate department of Psychology, we also provide training at the MA-PhD level, and participate in a number of very successful interdisciplinary programs.

We invite you to explore our website to learn more about our research, academic programs and other resources.

UTM Psychology - Online Undergraduate Summer Courses – Spots available!

The UTM Psychology department is pleased to offer two online courses this summer (starting July 4th, 2023) Registration is open, and spots are available!

PSY210H5 S: Introduction to Developmental Psychology (online, in-person assessments)
Online - Tuesdays and Thursdays 6 – 9 pm
How do children learn to interact with the world around them; to communicate, solve problems, establish moral principles, form meaningful relationships, and develop a sense of self? In this course, you will take an interdisciplinary approach to understanding how a child’s mind and brain develop through exploration of cognitive, biological, social, and cultural factors. At the end of this course, you will have developed an understanding of the theoretical, experimental, ethical, and psychological foundations of developmental psychology. [36L]

PSY240H5 S: Introduction to Abnormal Psychology (online synchronous)
Online - Monday and Wednesday 6 – 9 pm
A survey of contemporary issues in theory and research on abnormal behaviour and its treatment. Topics include the definition of abnormal behaviour, causes and treatment of disorders, diagnosis and assessment, incidence and prevalence, biological and psychological interventions, prevention, as well as legal and ethical issues. [36L]

For a complete list of our Summer course offerings, please visit the 2023 Summer Session Timetable

Visit the UTM Summer 2023 Registration guide for more information on how to enrol in summer courses.

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