Ben head shot

Benjamin Wolfe

Assistant Professor

Area of Research

visual perception, peripheral vision, visual attention, eye movements, driving, readability, human factors


Broadly, I do use-inspired vision research, which means I look to the world for questions in vision science that need to be addressed and that will teach us about how visual perception works. At present, this includes asking how drivers acquire the visual information they need to drive safely (for example, how quickly drivers notice a moose walking into the road), as well as studying readability and how to change the visual appearance of text for every user based on their individual needs. 

I'm a co-director, along with Dr. Anna Kosovicheva, of the Applied Perception and Psychophysics Lab (APPLY Lab) at UTM, where we study a wide range of questions in vision science, ranging from fundamental research on visual perception to applied work on driving to translational work.

BA, Psychology, Boston University (2008)
PhD, Psychology, University of California at Berkeley (2015)