Anna head shot

Anna Kosovicheva

Assistant Professor

Area of Research

visual perception; localization; eye movements; spatial vision; binocular vision; visual impairments


My research examines the visual processes that enable us to interact with a dynamic world. An important part of this is understanding visual localization, or how the visual system represents and updates information where objects are located. I examine how factors in our environment, as well as our eye movements and binocular visual input contribute to our representation of visual space. In addition, my work focuses on how we can apply tools from basic perceptual science to study visual disorders that affect these same visual processes, including amblyopia and strabismus.

I am a co-director of the Applied Perception & Psychophysics LaboratorY (APPLY), which focuses on the application of vision research to real-world problems. The lab’s research spans a range of topics, including perception in everyday tasks such as driving and reading, and the development of psychophysical tools for visual assessment.

B.A. (Psychology, University of California, Berkeley)
Ph.D. (Psychology, University of California, Berkeley)