Our Commitment: What does it mean?

What does it mean to UTM to be a SILVER level certified Fair Trade Campus?

  • Fair Trade CampusAll non-branded food service outlets will exclusively offer Fair Trade coffee, tea, sugar, bananas, and three or more Fair Trade chocolate bar options 
  • All snack vending machines will offer Fair Trade chocolate bar options 
  • We have brough three THEOS coffee vending machines onto campus which offer Fair Trade coffee 
  • All non-branded food service locations use Fair Trade cinnamon & chocolate in cooking 
  • UTM will host a number of Fair Trade events throughout each academic year, including events such as Breakfast ‘n Learns, Lunch events, free product tastings, & giveaways
    • These events will not only provide an opportunity to try the products, but also be an opportunity to learn, ask questions, and be a part of something bigger than UTM
  • Fair Trade Campus Week will continue to be a celebration of Fair Trade and will serve to carry on the conversation about Fair Trade initiatives for our campus
  • All catered events will also use, exclusively, Fair Trade coffee, tea, and sugar 
  • Every year we will reconfirm & reapply for our designation through Fair Trade Canada and will commit to adding more Fair Trade certified products to our campus

Look for this symbol when purchasing Fair Trade products:

Fair Trade Logo



Questions? Contact us!

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