Student Meal Plan

Change, Select, or Cancel your Student Meal Plan (Before the deadline)


To CHANGE your Student Meal Plan visit: UTM Service Now

  • You can change your Student Meal Plan once on or prior to the due date.
    *See the Important Dates & Deadlines page to learn more about the final date to make changes
  • Any subsequent Student Meal Plan changes will be subjected to an administrative fee of $50 


To SELECT a Student Meal Plan visit: UTM Service Now

  • You must select your Student Meal Plan as part of the online Residence application process
    *Find out more about the Student Meal Plan Options by visiting the Student Meal Plan Details page


To CANCEL your Student Meal Plan visit: UTM Service Now

  • You may cancel your Student Meal Plan and request a refund only if you elect to move out of residence or withdraw from the University
  • Any refund request needs to be accompanied by proof of withdrawal authorization from Student Housing before a cancellation can be granted
  • Please Note: You will not be considered “Moved Out” of Residence until Hospitality & Ancillary Services has received notification from Student Housing & Residence Life that you have successfully returned your Residence Key Card
  • If a Student Meal Plan refund is granted, it will be subject to a $50 administrative fee and to the application of a pro-rated charge
  • The Capital Improvement and Program Enhancement Component (C.I.P.E.) portion of your Meal Plan is not refundable
  • Should you be required by the University to withdraw from University of Toronto Mississauga, your Student Meal Plan will be cancelled and you will not be eligible for a refund
  • Please contact the Hospitality & Ancillary Services office for more information on Student Meal Plan cancellations and refunds


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