Second Degree

Students walking outside Innovation Complex in the summer

  • Students beginning a second degree at UTM are normally exempted from the first year of the degree requirements by being granted 5.0 credits, 4.0 at the 100 level and 1.0 at the 200 level, regardless of the number of previous degrees held.
  • If you have already completed another U of T undergraduate degree, you may complete a second undergraduate degree at UTM provided that the second degree is different than your former (e.g. if you completed an HBA at U of T’s Faculty of Arts & Science, you may not complete a second HBA at UTM).
  • Students who are graduates of another university may apply to take a similar degree in a different area of study.
  • Students who have a degree with a Major/Specialist in either Commerce, Management or Economics cannot do a BCom or a BBA as a second degree. This is due to the extensive overlap of courses in these degree programs.

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