ROPAPP Instructions for Chairs

Login here: CHAIR ROPAPP


Note: if you are designated as "Departmental Chair" in the ROPAPP and wish to propose a project you will have to change your "role" in the system in order to sign the ROP Contracts for your students.  To do this you will need to:

  • Select "Admin" in the menu options at the top of the page.
  • Select "My Roles" to change your role in the system from Departmental Chair to Instructor.  This will allow you to sign your ROP Contract(s) as the instructor for the project.
  • Be sure to return your role as "Departmental Chair" once you have completed signing the necessary ROP Contracts.

Project List:

  • A listing of your project proposals with their status appears under this heading.
  • In order to create a new proposal, select the Create New Project Proposal option at the top of this page. Here you will be asked to complete/submit your project proposal.
  • Once you have submitted your proposal, an automatic email message will be generated to prompt the Chair for approval.
  • You can submit a duplicate proposal from any of those listed above; this feature allows you to replicate and add/change information in a previous proposal to submit to the Chair for approval.
  • If you require funding for your project, please also submit your funding proposal at the time of your project proposal submission.  You may submit your request for funding by selecting the Funding option under Action.


NOTE: In order to recognize the success of this program and to encourage its continued development, the Dean is providing funds so that ROP supervisors may apply to our office for research support of up to $750.00 (0.5 FCE) and up to $1500.00 (1.0 FCE) per student/project.

  • To view student applications, click on Student Applications in the menu bar.
  • To view student transcript information, select Student option under Action.
  • To approve/deny the application, select Approval option under Action. You can add additional comments which will be sent to the student via email.
  • If you approve a student application you will be directed to complete the contract information.
  • If you refuse a student application, the system will prompt you to enter a reason in the comments section which will be included in the application refusal notification sent to the student. 
  • Selecting the In Progress option indicates to the student that additional/missing information is required to approve/refuse their application.