#WelcomeHome Move-In Itinerary

The University’s Mandatory Quarantine Accommodation program for students arriving into Canada will start on August 15th, however students moving into UTM Student Housing & Residence Life may be able to complete their quarantine in the UTM residence if they do not arrive on one of our Move In Days (August 30, September 4-6). No additional room fees would apply on campus for this, and meal plans will be active during the quarantine period. More information on how to apply can be found here

Undergraduate Residence Move-In Dates: August 30 & September 4-6

Please be aware that you have been assigned an exact move-in date. Please check your email to know what your assigned date is. 

This year we will be able welcome our students over multiple move-in days. You should have received an email on August 6, 2020 with your exact move-in date. 

All students are required to book their move-in timeslot in order to make move-in day safe and smooth. To select your move-in timeslot:

  1. Visit and login with your UTORid and Password beginning AUGUST 7 at 9:00 a.m.
  2. Select Manage My Housing
  3. Select the UTM Fall Term 2020
  4. Select 2020 Fall UTM Undergraduate Move-In Appointments
  5. Under Book an Appointment, select the date listed in your move-in email
    • Please note: if you select an appointment for a date that does not match your move-in email, you will be assigned a new timeslot for your correct date
  6. Choose an available timeslot
    • Timeslots are first-come, first-serve. If you do not select a timeslot, one will be selected for you
  7. The deadline to select your Move-In Timeslot is August 14 at 5:00 p.m.

Please make sure to arrive within this window to complete your check-in. It is important that you arrive during your selected timeslot to ensure that we can accommodate everyone safely.

If you arrive outside of this window, someone will be present to provide your keys but staff will not be able to provide any other assistance

Undergraduate Move-In Guides


Check out our move-in guides for directions, maps, and information on what to expect throughout the day! Make sure to open the move-in guide that corresponds to your correct move-in date!

August 30 Move-In Guide | August 30 Move-In Map

September 4 Move-In Guide | September 4 Move-In Map

September 5 Move-In Guide | September 5 Move-In Map

September 6 Move-In Guide | September 6 Move-In Map

You can also check out our Move-In video below to learn more


Frequently Asked Questions


What safety measures will you be putting in place on move-in day?

UTM Student Housing & Residence Life is dedicated to ensuring that your move-in experience is safe and supportive. Some other measures you can expect to see on Move-In Day are:

  • All students and guests will be expected to follow University of Toronto implemented measures that call for non-medical masks or face covering to be worn inside buildings. For the duration of our Move-In Day, we ask that all students and guests wear non-medical masks or face coverings in all areas of residence.
  • For everyone’s safety, we need to limit the number of people on campus for Move-In Day. As such, we recommend you bring 1 guest, up to a maximum of 2 guests, to assist with your move-in. Additionally, we encourage guests to say goodbye to students at their vehicle to limit the number of guests in our buildings.
  • Staff will not report to work if experiencing flu-like symptoms. 
  • All personnel will wear masks and gloves as they support students through move-in day. 
  • All move-in supplies will be sanitized after each use. 
  • Buildings will be transformed, where possible, to encourage one-way foot traffic. Please keep an eye out for markers to indicate physical distancing.
  • Hand sanitizing stations will be readily available in all move-in areas of residence.

What do I do if I am arriving by taxi?

Please direct your taxi to enter the campus through the correct entrance (see move-in map for your respective move-in date). The taxi will need to follow the map to your move-in area. Once you reach your move-in area, please wait until a Student Housing & Residence Life representative approaches your car to give you further instructions. 

I am currently living internationally and will need to quarantine after arriving in Canada, can I do that in residence?

The University’s Mandatory Quarantine Accommodation program for students arriving into Canada will start on August 15th, however students moving into UTM Student Housing & Residence Life may be able to complete their quarantine in the UTM residence if they arrive between August 10 and August 21. No additional room fees would apply on campus for this, and meal plans will be active during the quarantine period. More details can be provided after application for the quarantine program.

The application form is available at Please login with your UTORid and Password and complete the Mandatory Quarantine application. 

Can I move in early?

We are only able to accommodate early move-ins if you require  to complete the 14-day mandatory quarantine for all international students. Please refer to your move-in email for more details or click here to see more information. 

Can I send some of my belongings to residence before move-in day?

Second Closet is partnering with the University of Toronto Mississauga campus to help students ship and store belongings in advance of their arrival to help make their move into residence quick, safe and easy. For more information, please click here

  1. The Second Closet team of professionals will pick up your belongings so they can safely store them until it’s time to bring them to your room on campus. You can book online at or by calling 1-888-800-2824. Book by August 20, 2020 and make sure your pick-up takes place by August 25, 2020.
  2. Second Closet will store your items in their secure facilities for however long you need, until your pre-arranged delivery date with UTM (August 31, 2020 – September 2, 2020). 

I can't be there for move-in day. Can my parent pick up my keys?

Releasing keys to anyone other than the Resident is prohibited. When picking up keys, Residents must have a piece of government-issued I.D.

What do I do after I've moved my stuff in?

After move-in, we have lots of amazing things planned for you, as well as your family! Check out our orientation schedule here to learn more about all the events we have in planned. We recommend you watch our "Welcome Home" video to learn more about orientation, hear some encouraging messages, and meet some of our campus partners! 

Parents & family members are invited to join parent and family orientation virtually! Find out more here:

Can my parents stay overnight?

At this time, we have a no guest policy in residence; this is to ensure the safety of our residence community. Additionally, overnight guests are not permitted during move-in day and the first two weeks of September. We have plenty of fun things planned for you during that time to keep you occupied! We recommend that parents say their goodbyes to students at their car after check-in. 


Do I need to bring my own trolley/dolly? 

Each student will receive one move-in cart that has been sanitized after each use

Is anyone going to help us move in our things?

Yes, all of our staff and volunteers are here to assist you to move in your belongings. 

Is there somewhere to store my suitcases/trunks/extra furniture/etc?

Townhouses and apartment style units have common area closets. However, we encourage that you only bring what you need.

Can I bring my own mattress or other furniture to my room?

There is no extra storage space in the residences so we cannot store any of the current furniture that is in your room. For this reason, the furniture provided must remain in the unit. If you choose to bring extra furniture for the common area in your unit, you can do so pending space available.

When will I get my T-Card?

You will be able to get you Tcard on move-in day!

Important documentation is required for you to be able to receive your TCard. Visit the website for details, but most students will generally need:

  1. Valid Government-issued Photo Identification* or passport to establish your identity

  2. Citizenship documents such as passport or birth certificate to establish your tuition eligibility*

  3. Valid study permit, if you are not a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, to establish your eligibility to study in Canada 

Important: If your study permit is expiring in 3 months or less, we are requesting that you provide proof that you have applied to extend your study permit prior to receiving your TCard
*The names on this documentation must match the names in your University student records. All documents must be original. Copies (paper or electronic) will not be accepted.
If you have any questions regarding the documents required for your TCard, please visit

When will the cafeteria open?

More information to come

What happens during Orientation after I move in? 

For more information about Orientation, stay tuned to our Orientation page.