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What is a U-Pass?

  • A U-Pass is a student transit card allowing unlimited fare-free rides on MiWay, Mississauga's transit system

  • A U-Pass holder simply shows the MiWay driver their U-Pass card and T-card (UT student ID) when boarding

The Fall / Winter U-Pass is in effect September 1 - April 30


The Summer U-Pass is in effect May 1 - August 31


Eligibility Criteria and Distribution

UTM undergraduate and MAM* undergraduate students: A mandatory U-Pass fee is automatically charged to each eligible student's UofT account. U-Pass arrangements are coordinated with the UTM student union, UTMSU, located in the UTM Student Centre. Each full-time and part-time student is eligible after having made the required tuition and fee minimum payment through a bank before the appropriate deadline to secure your courses or after the initial deadline, having provided proof of tuition and fee payment or deferral tuition and fee payment through the appropriate registrar's office before the deadline to secure courses. Distribution information can be found on the UTMSU Website.

UTM-affiliated graduate students**: A mandatory U-Pass fee is automatically charged to each eligible student's UofT account (excluding MMPA and MFAC program students**). U-Passes can be picked up at the UTM Student Centre.

Please Note:

U of T St. George, U of T Scarborough, and U of T School of Continuing Studies students, including those taking courses at UTM, along with the UofT staff and post-doctoral fellows, are not eligible for the U-Pass program 

It is available as a benefit only to currently enrolled UTM undergraduate, MAM undergraduate, and UTM-affiliated graduate students

Others may wish to to visit the MiWay website for information on discounted fares for students and weekly, monthly, and other passes


A U-Pass is only available and valid in a term for which a student has been charged a U-Pass fee. For example, a student taking only fall-term courses may receive and use a U-Pass in the fall term only.



U-Pass Conditions

Altering, forging, transferring, selling, or sharing a U-Pass card is not allowed, and abuse of the U-Pass is taken seriously by Mississauga Transit Enforcement, UTM, UTMSU and UTMAGS. Abuse can result in significant fines/charges against abusers and prohibition from further participation in the U-Pass program.

Replacement of a damaged or lost U-Pass is only available under certain conditions, and typically requires a replacement fee - eligible students should visit the site which originally issued the U-Pass card for assistance.

When picking up a U-Pass card, each recipient must present their current, working T-card. If a student has been issued more than one T-card during their time as a UT student, the most recently issued T-card must be used.  Non-working or damaged T-card require replacement, note that a T-card replacement charge may apply.

There may be a 24-48 hour delay after any changes to a student's status before the U-Pass verification system updates eligibility.

*New MAM students are not charged or eligible for a Summer U-Pass when entering the program in August. The initial U-Pass charge is associated with U-Pass eligibility for September 1 through April 30. Returning MAM students are charged and eligible for a Summer U-Pass.

**UTM MMPA and MFAC program students are exempt from U-Pass charges and participation.



U-Pass FAQs

Does the U-Pass work on other transit systems?

U-Pass holders are required to pay full fare for rides that originate on systems other than Mississauga Transit.  U-Pass users, along with other MiWay pass users, are not eligible for transfers to other transit systems, including Brampton Transit, Oakville Transit*, and the TTC (Toronto).  

Does the U-Pass serve students using wheelchairs?

Most MiWay buses are equipped with automatic ramps to assist riders in wheelchairs. Please visit the MiWay website for details on access and accessible routes. If services are required that are not available on MiWay, visit the Region of Peel TransHelp service for information.

Is the U-Pass eligible for an income tax credit?

The cost of the U-Pass is generally eligible for tax credit on a Canadian income tax return. When a student is automatically charged for a U-Pass as part of tuition and fees, the cost is included in the student’s T2202 ’Education and Textbook Amounts Certificate' for tax purposes. If a student instead wishes to claim this expense on the public transit line of Canada's federal tax Schedule 1, the equivalent amount should be subtracted from the amount shown on the T2202.



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