Vending on Campus

Looking for snack or drink vending machines? There are a variety of vending machines across campus, including candy, drink, meal, and coffee/tea/hot chocolate vending machines.

Visit our more non-traditional vending machines as well:

Daily Blends wholesome, delicious and hand-crafted salads, bowls and snacks

More on our LOCUS machine to come!

Vending Map

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Confused about the pre-authorization amount?

Don't worry! This is how pre-authorization holds work:

  1. When your payment card is swiped at the vending machine, the bank that issued your card automatically puts a hold on a predetermined amount of money. This amount is typically the value of the highest priced item in the vending machine. This is done for a variety of safety reasons for the vending company.
  2. Once the sale is complete, the transaction is submitted for settling. This means the vending machine lets your card bank know what you ended up purchasing, and how much it cost.
  3. The temporary hold is released from your card, and you are only charged for what you actually bought. Depending on your card bank this can take between 1-3 days.
  4. Once the bank knows how much you spent, they will only then charge your card and pay the vending company.
  5. In the unlikely event that you are incorrectly charged, please contact the vending company service line for support. Their number is on each vending machine.



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