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Welcome to the Department of English and Drama (5th floor, Maanjiwe nendamowinan Building)! We offer three English programs (Specialist, MajorMinor) that are the same as those on the St. George campus, along with a Minor in Creative Writing, and three Drama programs (Specialist, Major, Minor) that are unique to UTM. We are also the home of Canadian Studies at UTM. Faculty expertise includes all literary forms and periods; their historical, social and material contexts; literary and performance theory; theatre history; and creative writing.

Why study English? You’ll be taught by internationally renowned scholars, theatre specialists, and creative writers! You'll develop exceptional skills as a writer, performer, researcher, critical thinker and communicator, opening up a wide range of careers. Many English and Drama graduates go on to become lawyers, professional writers, actors, and teachers, but they also become fashion entrepreneurs, investment advisors, lab technicians, and even ... Prime Minister. Justin Trudeau? His BA is in Literature! Our students are especially well-positioned for admission to advanced degree programs in the Humanities, Law, Medicine, and Business, and by combining a major in English or Drama with one in Science or Social Science, you’ll give yourself an edge in any field.

Our Undergraduate Advisor, Cecilia Konney, is here to provide support to all English & Drama students! To get in touch with her, send an email at She is also happy to meet with you online via Zoom or MS Teams, by telephone, or in person, by appointment.

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We offer programs in English, Drama, Creative Writing and Canadian Studies. Check out our program details and reach out to our Undergraduate Advisor, Cecilia Konney, at to plan your programs today! 

English & Drama COVID-19 FAQs

English & Drama COVID-19 FAQs

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Why Study English?

Why Study English?

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Journal: "With Caffeine and Careful Thought"

With Caffeine and Careful Thought

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