Welcome to the Department of English and Drama. We offer three Image indicates that adjacent link to the right opens a new window English programs that are the same as those on the St. George campus and three Image indicates that adjacent link to the right opens a new window Drama programs unique to U of T Mississauga. Faculty expertise includes all literary forms; their historical, social and material contexts; literary and performance theory; theatre history; and creative writing. English and Drama is also the home of Image indicates that adjacent link to the right opens a new window Canadian Studies at UTM.

Choose a major in our department and you’ll be taught by internationally renowned critics, creative writers, theatre specialists, and scholars. Our degrees help you to develop exceptional skills as a writer, performer, researcher, critical thinker and communicator - opening up a wide range of careers. Many English and Drama graduates end up as lawyers, professional writers, actors, and teachers, but they also become fashion entrepreneurs, investment advisors, lab technicians, and even... Prime Minister (Justin Trudeau? He’s a BA in Literature). Our students are especially well-positioned for admission to advanced degrees in the Humanities, Law, Medicine, and Business, and by combining a major in a Science or Social Science with one in English or Drama you’ll give yourself an edge in any field.

Creative Writing NEW Creative Writing Minor

The Department of English and Drama now offers a Minor in Creative Writing, check out the creative writing courses which include: ENG289H5S, ENG291H5F, ENG373H5S, ENG374H5F, ENG376H5S, ENG377H5F and ENG377H5S, ENG489Y5Y.

If you have questions about the minor, please get in touch with Megan Janssen, Undergraduate Advisor, megan.janssen@utoronto.ca.

Video Games Professor Lawrence Switzky's ENG279, Video Games course, yes an English course, developed text-based video games during the course for the Blackwood Gallery's TakeCare exhibition. See a selection of these games.

Professor Siobhan O'Flynn taught ENG279, Video Games in summer of 2017 See a selection of these games.

The Video Games course will be offered this Fall 2019


English and Drama has several new faculty members who will be joining the department this coming Fall.
Professor Anna Thomas Professor Anna Thomas who comes to us from Brown University. Professor Thomas' research and teaching interest include African American Studies and the Black Atlantic, Colonial and Postcolonial Studies, Literary and Cultural Theory, Race and Slavery, Race and Ethnicity, Romantic and Victorian, Transatlantic Studies. Professor Thomas will be teaching, ENG251H5F, ENG275H5S, ENG316H5F this coming Fall/Winter.
Professor Anjuli Raza Kolb Professor Anjuli Raza Kolb who comes to us from Williams College. Professor Kolb's research and areas of interest include colonial and postcolonial literature and theory, comparative literature, cultural criticism, Asian studies, women’s gender and sexuality studies, and history and philosophy of science. Professor Kolb will be teaching, ENG105H5F, ENG371H5S, ENG377H5S this coming Fall/Winter.
Professor Geoff Bouvier Professor Geoff Bouvier who comes to us from Florida State University. Professor Bouvier's first book, Living Room, was selected by Heather McHugh as the winner of the 2005 APR/Honickman Prize. His second book, Glass Harmonica, was published in 2011 by Quale Press. Professor Bouvier will be teaching some of the new courses in creative writing, ENG376H5F, ENG377H5F this coming Fall/Winter.
Professor Maria Hupfield Professor Maria Hupfield is a Canadian artist of Anishinaabe (Ojibway) heritage, and a member of the Wasauksing First Nation in Ontario. Professor Hupfield works in a variety of media, including video and performance. Her performance practice references Anishinaabeg oral history and feminist performance history.
English and Drama has a new Undergraduate Advisor, Megan Janssen. 
Undergraduate Advisor Megan Janssen graduated from UTM with a HBA in 2013 having completed a Theatre and Drama Specialist and an English minor. Megan went on to work with Non-Profit WE, where she had the opportunity to travel the world and work to empower young people. Megan returned to UTM in 2015 to work with The Office of The Registrar in Recruitment and Admissions & Academic Advising before joining the English and Drama department.

Recent Successes!

Poems and Fancies Congratulations to Professor Liza Blake for her digital scholarly edition of Cavendish's "Poems and Fancies" for full details: https://www.utm.utoronto.ca/vp-research/news/17th-century-poet-and-21st-century-scholar-inspire-new-ways-thinking.