English and Drama Student Society (EDSS)

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Office located in MN, 3rd Floor, RM 3200
Instagram: @utmedss
WCCT Instagram: @withcaffeineandcarefulthought

2021-2022 EDSS Officers



President  Ishwa Desai ishwa.desai@mail.utoronto.ca
Vice President Katherine Ferrin-Crysler katherine.ferrincrysler@mail.utoronto.ca
Artistic Directors Anthony Palermo a.palermo@mail.utoronto.ca
  Sydney Paige Scott sydneypaige.scott@mail.utoronto.ca
Social Events Director Nadia Ivanova nadezhda.ivanova@mail.utoronto.ca
Marketing & Logistics Director Hana Khan marketinglogistics.edss@gmail.com
Media Director Marcia Chin marketinglogistics.edss@gmail.com
Marketing Associate Kriti  
Events Director Roxy Moldovanu social.edss@gmail.com
Events Associate Ayesha Dayala  
WCCT Editor-in-Chief Kaitlyn Harris edss.wcct@gmail.com
WCCT Associate Juliana Stacey  


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