Directions and Parking

NOTICE: Parking Lot 1 at UTM is no longer available for theatre parking

Directions to Erindale Theatre from Lot 9 CCT Parking Gargage:

  1. Enter the campus from Mississauga Road at the Collegeway;
  2. Turn right when you reach Outer Circle Road;
  3. Continue well past the RAWC (Athletic Building) and turn left into Lot 9;
  4. Find the entrance to the Underground Garage at the furthest corner of Lot 9;
  5. Use the (unfrozen!) machines to pay, and leave the ticket on the dash;
  6. Ride the elevator to the FIRST floor;
  7. On leaving the elevator, turn right, then immediately left, and exit the CCT Building;
  8. Veer right at the first intersection, and follow the wayfinding signs past Erindale Hall to the Erindale Studio Theatre.
  9. Allow 10 minutes from leaving the car to arriving at the Theatre.

Erindale Studio Theatre Map

MiST Theatre Map

UTM Campus Map