Specialist Program ERSPE1645 English (Arts)

Limited Enrolment: Students enroling in the Specialist Program at the end of first year (4.0 credits) must obtain a CGPA of at least 2.0 and a mark of at least 70 per cent in 1.0 ENG credit. Students applying to enrol after second year (8.0 credits) must obtain a CGPA of at least 2.30 and a mark of at least 70 per cent in each of 2.0 ENG credits.

Program Requirements: At least 10.0 ENG credits, including at least 3.0 credits at the 300 level and 1.0 credit at the 400 level. Only 1.0 credit at the 100 level may be counted towards program requirements, and no more than 1.0 credit may be counted towards program requirements from the following courses: ENG234H5, ENG235H5, ENG236H5, ENG237H5, ENG238H5, ENG239H5, ENG261H5, ENG276H5, ENG277H5, ENG279H5, ENG289H5, ENG291H5, ENG373H5, ENG344H5, ENG373H5, ENG374H5. ENG100H5 may not be counted towards program requirements.

The specialist also requires the following courses:

  • ENG280H5 (0.5 credits) Critical Approaches to Literature
  • ENG202H5 and ENG203H5, British Literature survey parts I and II (0.5 credits each)
  • Six credits distributed among the following areas, as follows:
    • At least 1.0 credit in Literary Theory/Methods (Group 1): ENG101H5, ENG201Y5, ENG205H5, ENG206H5, ENG259H5, ENG269H5, ENG275H5, ENG372H5, ENG380H5, ENG382H5, ENG384H5, ENG396H5, ENG414H5, ENG415H5, ENG416H5.
    • At least 1.0 credit in Race, Ethnicity, Diaspora, Indigeneity (Group 2): ENG271H5, ENG272H5, ENG273H5, ENG274H5, ENG326H5, ENG343H5, ENG370H5, ENG371H5, ENG426H5, ENG434H5.
    • At least 1.5 credits in Literature pre-1700 (Group 3): ENG220Y5, ENG300Y5, ENG301H5, ENG303H5, ENG304H5, ENG307H5, ENG311H5, ENG312H5, ENG313H5, ENG320H5, ENG321H5, ENG326H5, ENG327H5, ENG330H5, ENG331H5, ENG335H5, ENG336H5, ENG460H5, ENG461H5, ENG462H5.
    • At least 1.5 credits in Literature 1700-1900 (Group 4): ENG305H5, ENG306Y5, ENG308Y5, ENG314H5, ENG315H5, ENG322Y5, ENG323H5, ENG324Y5, ENG325H5, ENG337H5, ENG345H5, ENG383H5, ENG385H5, ENG386H5, ENG387H5, ENG395H5, ENG463H5, ENG470H5, ENG471H5.
    • At least 0.5 credits in Canadian Literature (Group 5): ENG215H5, ENG252Y5, ENG255H5, ENG352H5, ENG353Y5, ENG354Y5, ENG357H5, ENG358H5, ENG361H5, ENG362H5, ENG392H5, ENG393H5, ENG424H5, ENG425H5.
    • At least 0.5 credits in American Literature (Group 6): ENG250Y5, ENG251H5, ENG360H5, ENG363Y5, ENG364Y5, ENG365H5, ENG366H5, ENG394H5, ENG395H5, ENG435H5, ENG436H5.

NOTE: Students without pre- and co-requisites or written permission of the instructor can be de-registered from courses at any time. Pre- and co-requisites will be strictly enforced.