Studying English at UTM

Our degree programs and courses introduce students to the full range of literary genres and traditions in English, from 11th-century elegies written in Old English to contemporary postcolonial novels. Courses may focus on the development of particular forms (e.g., the lyrical poem), a particular period (e.g., the Victorian age), or a particular author (Shakespeare, for instance, or Jane Austen). Students receive in-depth training in critical reading and writing skills. Perceptive and attentive reading and clear and persuasive writing are key to the craft of literary criticism. Our programs are designed to make students better critics, but these skills are equally crucial in all areas of research, business, and professional activity and are therefore of lasting value both within and beyond the university.

Courses are arranged in four levels. Courses at the 100-level are introductory; 200-level courses provide broad surveys of a genre, a national literary tradition, or an approach to literature; 300-level courses offer more detailed investigations of theories of literature and of texts written in particular historical moments or places, or by particular authors; and 400-level courses are small-group, discussion-based seminars on a specific subject.

Guidance is available from the Undergraduate Advisor, Megan Janssen, MN 5250, as well as from members of the English faculty.

English Programs

Enrolment in any English Program of Study requires completion of 4.0 previous courses or their equivalent. Students are responsible for completing all the requirements of the English Program in which they are enrolled.

General Note:
100-level courses are designed to increase students' skills in close reading, interpretation and effective writing; emphasize the development of analytical and essay-writing skills; and build acquaintance with major literary forms and conventions that students need in more advanced courses. They are open to all students who have standing in no more than one full course in English.

Prior to selecting courses from among the current English course offerings, students should review the degree requirements section for the program they wish to pursue.

NOTE: Students without pre- and co-requisites or written permission of the instructor can be de-registered from courses at any time. Pre- and co-requisites will be strictly enforced.

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