The Lawrence Stern Memorial Fund

The Lawrence Stern Memorial Fund supports students in the first year of the Theatre and Drama Studies Specialist program to see a theatrical production—live, virtual, or livestreamed. Each student may submit one theatre ticket or price of admission (electronic or hard copy) per academic year for reimbursement up to a value of $50. Transportation costs to and from a theatre can be used in the $50 total where applicable.

To draw from the Fund, please submit a copy of your ticket and receipts. Please also submit a standard reimbursement form —you only need to fill out your name, address, and sign under “Signature of Claimant” on the left side of the form. You can send these materials electronically to the Associate Chair and Director Drama Studies, Professor Holger Syme, at

Students are encouraged to consult with Professor Syme before purchasing tickets to assess whether they qualify for the Fund.