Major Program ERMAJ0728 Canadian Studies (Arts)

7.0 credits are required, fulfilling the following requirements:

  1. HIS262H5 or HIS263Y5
  2. (POL215H5 and POL216H5) or POL214Y5
  3. 1.0 ENG credits from ENG215H5 or ENG252Y5 or ENG255H5 or ENG274H5 or ENG352H5 or ENG353Y5 or ENG354Y5 or ENG361H5 or ENG362H5 or ENG392H5 or ENG393H5;
  4. GGR202H5; and
  5. 4.0 additional credits (at least 2.0 of which must be at the 300/400 level) from the following course list that have not already been applied towards the requirements for the Major Program in Canadian Studies. 
  • ANT241H5 Anthropology and the Indigenous Peoples of Turtle Island (in Canada)
  • CIN205H5 Canadian Auteurs
  • DRE200H5 Canadian Theatre History
  • DRE305H5 Studies in Indigenous Performance
  • DRE405H5 Topics in Indigenous Performance
  • ECO323Y5 Canadian Economic History
  • ENG271H5 Toronto’s Multicultural Literatures
  • ENG357H5 New Writing in Canada
  • ENG358H5 Topics in Canadian Literature
  • ENG392H5 Canadian Fiction
  • ENG424H5 Advanced Studies: Canadian and Indigenous North American Literatures
  • ENG425H5 Advanced Studies: Canadian and Indigenous North American Literatures
  • FAH292H5 Canadian Art
  • FRE312H5 From the Gothic and Fantastic Novels to Realism in Quebec
  • FRE316H5 Urban Attraction and the Quebec Contemporary Novel
  • FRE417H5 Comedy and Tragedy in Quebec Theatre
  • GGR348H5 The Great Lakes -- A Sustainable Natural Resource?
  • GGR384H5 Climatology of Canadian Landscapes
  • GGR415H5 Geographies of Indigenous Health
  • HIS261H5 Introduction to Canadian History
  • HIS263Y5 The History of Canada
  • HIS311H5 Introduction to Canadian International Relations
  • HIS312H5 Canadian Communities 1600-2000
  • HIS313H5 Canadian Working-Class History to 1919
  • HIS314H5 20th Century Canadian Working-Class History
  • HIS315H5 Indigenous Peoples and Immigrants in Canada
  • HIS318H5 Canadian Environmental History: Contact to Conservation
  • HIS319H5 Canadian Environmental History: Conservation to the Modern Environmental Movement
  • HIS326Y5 History of Women in Canada, 1600-2000
  • HIS342H5 History of Quebec and French Canada
  • HIS358H5 Canada Since World War Two
  • HIS367H5 Diasporic Canada
  • HIS368H5 Canada in the First World War
  • HIS369H5 Great Lakes Aboriginal History
  • HIS402H5 Topics in the History of French Canada
  • HIS416H5 Canada and the Second World War
  • HIS452H5 The Great Depression in Canada
  • HIS461H5 History of Upper Canada
  • HIS462H5 Indigenous North Americas
  • HIS487H5 Canadian Social History
  • ITA255Y5 The Italian Canadian Experience
  • JFL454H5 Teaching and Learning Varieties of Canadian French
  • JPE251H5 Environmental Politics in Canada
  • JPE252H5 Introduction to Canadian Environmental Law and Policy II
  • MGT423H5 Canadian Income Taxation I
  • MGT429H5 Canadian Income Taxation
  • POL111H5 Canada in Comparative Perspective
  • POL316Y5 Contemporary Canadian Federalism
  • POL336Y5 Ontario Politics
  • POL353Y5 Canadian Public Policy: From the Golden Age to the Era of Globalization
  • POL490H5 Topics in Canadian Politics
  • POL494Y5 Topics in Canadian Politics
  • SOC301H5 Canadian Prisons
  • SOC302H5 Indigenous-Canada Relations
  • SOC332H5 Race and Ethnicity in Canada
  • SOC415H5 Senior Seminar in Indigenous Studies
  • WGS210H5 Women and Work in Contemporary Canada
  • WGS215H5 Introduction to Women, Public Policy and the Law
  • WGS335H5 Women, Migration and Diaspora
  • WGS343H5 The Montreal Experience: Sex and Gender in la Cite
  • WGS347H5 Indigenous Feminisms and Decolonization

NOTE: Not all courses are offered every year