Minor Program ERMIN2468 – Theatre, Drama and Performance Studies (Arts)

Theatre, Drama and Performance Studies (TDPS) integrates creative and scholarly approaches to theatre through a common emaphasis on dramaturgy. In addition to specific courses in developmental and production dramaturgy, the TDPS program includes courses that examine theatre history, dramatic literature, critical theory, playwriting, devising and intermedial performance, among others. TDPS provides students with first-rate academic experience and credentials, while offering them ample opportunities for creative application of acquired knowledge and skills through practical components and practice-based research projects. All courses are taken at U of T Mississauga.

Note: DRS courses cannot be counted toward this program.  

4.0 credits are required, as follows:  

First and Second Years: DRE/ENG121H5, 122H5, DRE200H5, 222H5

Higher Years: 1.0 300/400 DRE credit and 1.0 further DRE from the drama-related courses.

NOTE: Students without pre- and co-requisites or written permission of the instructor can be de-registered from courses at any time. Pre- and co-requisites will be strictly enforced.