2024 Summer Drama Courses and Descriptions




NOTES: a) Instructor's course descriptions are subject to change. b) If a schedule, description or prerequisite below varies from the The Registrar's Timetable the Registrar's Timetable shall prevail. c) R is for Thursday.

Course Title: Acting

Course Code: DRE201H5S | Lecture MW 9-12

Instructor: Autumn Smith

A practical introduction to the art and craft of performance, intended for students with little or no previous experience or training. The course uses a range of acting exercises to teach critical thinking, active listening, specificity of action, intention of thought, and team building. Students will engage in text analysis, collective creation, storytelling, physical and vocal exercises, and character development, in the process cultivating skills transferable to their chosen career path. This course is ideally suited for any student seeking to enhance their interpersonal and presentation skills.

Exclusion: DRS121H5 or DRS122H5