Theatre and Drama Studies (Joint Specialist Program)

Specialist Program ERSPE1880 Theatre and Drama Studies with Sheridan College (Arts)

The Specialist Honours Program in Theatre and Drama Studies (TDS), offered jointly with Sheridan College, gives students the opportunity to earn an advanced conservatory diploma in professional actor training from Sheridan within a Specialist degree in performance history, theory, dramatic literature and dramaturgy from UTM. This program combines the intensive professional training of an acting school with the academic preparation of an honours-level drama degree. No other theatre and drama program in Canada offers a comparable education.

The Sheridan diploma consists of 12 courses in Acting, which feature small, intimate class sizes and personalized acting instruction. Sheridan courses include acting technique, voice, movement, camera work and industry preparation, as well as four curricular public performances in third and fourth year. At UTM, students take courses on the history and theory of drama, theatre and film, as well as developmental and production dramaturgy. Courses are held at both UTM and at the Trafalgar Road campus of Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario.

Entrance to this program is by application and audition. For more information about the program, please visit:

Limited Enrolment

Enrolment in this program is limited to students who are successful in an audition, conducted in the spring of each year. For audition requirements, please refer to: Enrolment in all studio courses (DRS) is restricted to students in the program. Students applying to proceed to the second year of the Theatre and Drama Studies program must have completed 4.0 credits with a minimum CGPA of 2.0.

First Year
DRE/ENG121H5, 122H5, DRS121H5, 122H5


Second Year
DRE200H5, 222H5, DRS221H5, 222H5


Third Year
At least 1.0 further DRE at 300/400 level; DRS321H5, 322H5, 325H5, 326H5


Fourth Year
At least 1.0 further DRE course at 300/400 level; DRS421H5, 422H5, 425H5, 426H5;


Over the course of the four years, students must take an additional 2.0 credits in drama-related courses (which can include further DRE classes).

Students must take a minimum of 0.5 DRE at the 400 level in either third or fourth year.