winners of IGNITE grant

Prof. Anna Thomas Wins BRN IGNITE Grant

The Department of English and Drama is pleased to announce that Anna Thomas is among the recipients of the 2024 IGNITE grant. 

From across the University of Toronto, Black Research Network community members are advancing research ranging from the humanities to the social sciences and life sciences. Research projects include preserving traditional recipes in the GTA’s African diaspora, literature and media studies and human rights. Various projects advance and advocate for Black health, including disability studies and equity practices in public health.  

Launched in 2022, the BRN’s IGNITE grant provides annual small-scale funding to support interdisciplinary research led by Black faculty, librarians, post-doctoral scholars, clinical scientists and medical research fellows/residents at the University of Toronto. 

The IGNITE grant offers between $5,000 to $10,000 towards professional development, research dissemination and other types of research support.  

Anna Thomas

Anna Thomas is an assistant professor in the department of English and drama at the University of Toronto Mississauga. She is currently working on a book project that examines the relationship between ethics and form in African American and Caribbean literature. The book is informed by artifacts such as archival letters to examine how diasporas contend with, confront, and redeploy ‘difference’ and ‘unevenness’ as both a question of ethics and aesthetics. Archival research for the book was funded by the 2020 Connaught New Researcher Award.

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