Brent Wood

Crafting Stories With Dr. Brent Wood

In the Department of English & Drama at the University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM), there is a program that focuses on the creation of stories. The creative writing program is designed for students to focus on expressing themselves through literature or drama in a creative way. 

Dr. Brent Wood is a sessional lecturer within the creative writing program in the English department. Dr. Wood got his PhD from the University of Toronto, where he explored creative writing and studied poetry for his thesis. However, he states that this was not what he taught when he began teaching in the English department. Instead, he taught Canadian literature and very standard English courses, including poetry. Dr. Wood noted he had many keen students who wanted to learn more about poetry and wished to read more after class. So, he took them to a picnic table by the former North Building and passed a book of poetry around. This became a recurring event every Thursday and was open to anyone else who wished to join. 

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