Substitute Assignments for Experimental Credit

Students wishing NOT to participate in an experiment can complete up to four (6) substitute assignments for credit. Below are the list of available Substitute Assignments.



Review the available Substitute Assignments below. Once complete, email the assignment to

You MUST use your 'utoronto' email account. ONE ASSIGNMENT PER EMAIL. 

SUBJECT LINE: PSY100Y5 Substitute Assignment - LAB NAME
BODY OF EMAIL: student number and name

Please find attached my substitute assignment

Student Number:994442222
Student Name: Joe Smith

Andersen Lab

Carlson Lab (click here for paper)

Chambers Lab

Farb Lab

Fukuda Lab

Impett Lab

Kamenetsky Lab

Lomanowska Lab

Pichora-Fuller Lab 

Malti Lab

Schertz Lab

Stellar Lab 

Trehub Lab

VanderLaan Lab

Walker Lab

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