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Will Huggon

Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream (CLTA)

Area of Research

Areas include Positive, Forensic, Social, Personality, Abnormal psychology & Teaching Pedagogy.


Dr. Huggon is an award-winning Teaching Professor who uses a number of styles to connect with students and create intrinsic interest in Psychology. Positive Psychology and Teaching Pedagogy are woven into his classes to help students with work/life balance and absorption of information. A focus on critical thinking & scientific methods in class and daily lives helps separate out evidence from pseudoscience in interpreting themselves and the world around them. 

Dr. Huggon is currently in charge of the Psychology Laboratory Component of the Introduction to Psychology Course PSY100Y5Y at UTM.

PhD (Psychology (Applied Social and Forensic Focus), University of Toronto)
MA (Psychology (Applied Social and Forensic Focus), University of Toronto)
HBSc (Psychology Research Specialist; Crime and Deviance Major, University of Toronto Mississauga)