Samuel Image

Samuel Ronfard

Assistant Professor

Area of research:  

Developmental Psychology; Cognitive Development; Conceptual Development; Social Learning; Culture and Cognition 


Samuel Ronfard is a cognitive developmental psychologist whose research interests focus on the overarching questions of how we acquire and transmit cultural knowledge. More specifically, using developmental methods, he studies how cognitive and cultural factors shape social learning at different points of development. In addition to studying the mechanisms of social learning, he also studies the impact of social learning, that is, what we learn from other people and the constraints on that learning. He uses methods and insights from psychology, education, behavioral genetics, and anthropology. His primary focus is on early childhood.

Check out the Childhood Learning and Development Lab to learn about ongoing research.

Other Education: 

B.A. (Economics and Philosophy, Tufts University)
M.S.T. (Childhood Education for Students with Disabilities, Pace University)
M.Ed. (Mind, Brain, and Education, Graduate School of Education, Harvard University)
Ed.D. (Human Development and Education, Graduate School of Education, Harvard University)
Post-doc (Psychological and Brain Sciences, Boston University)