J. Chung

Joanne Chung

Assistant Professor, Department Lead-IDEA

Area of Research

personality processes; personality development; the self; culture; emotions; psychometrics; longitudinal data analysis


My research interests lie at the intersection of culture, self, and emotion. My work is defined by two related lines of research. First, I study how people's self-views change during important developmental transitions. Second, I examine people's emotional experiences, both as enduring dispositions and as momentary states in everyday life. In my research, I seek to understand how one's cultural milieu, self-concept, and emotional life interact to shape individual differences.

Currently, I am co-director of the Karakter project (http://www.karakterproject.nl), a longitudinal research study focused on examining how everyday emotional experiences are related to positive personal growth in Syrian origin young adults who have recently resettled in the Netherlands.

B.A. (Interdisciplinary Studies, Art Practice, University of California, Berkeley)
M.A. (Social-Personality Psychology, University of California, Davis)
Ph.D. (Social-Personality Psychology, University of California, Davis)