Carlson, Erika

Associate Professor

Contact Information

DH 4024
Mailing Address: 
3359 Mississauga Rd
Postal Code: 
L5L 1C6
Erika Carlson

Area of Research

Social/Personality Psychology, Self-Knowledge, Well-  Being, Interpersonal Perception


Broadly speaking, my research examines how well people know themselves and their reputation. My primary line of research examines if, when, and how people figure out their reputation. In a second line of research, I examine bright spots and blind spots in self-knowledge of personality traits as well as whether self-knowledge can be improved. For example, can mindfulness interventions improve self-knowledge of our patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving? I also study personality pathology in the context of self-knowledge.When is pathology related to poor insight into one's traits versus poor insight into the impact one has on others?

SPA ..which is now the SPRG website: (link)


Representative publications:

Carlson, E. N. (2013). Overcoming barriers to self-knowledge: Mindfulness as a path to seeing yourself as you really are. Perspectives on Psychological Science, 8, 173-186.

Carlson, E. N., Vazire, S., & Oltmanns, T. F. (2013). Self-other knowledge asymmetries in personality pathology. Journal of Personality, 81, 155-170.

Carlson, E. N. (2013). Honestly arrogant or simply misunderstood? Narcissists’ awareness of their narcissism. Self and Identity, 12, 259-277.

Carlson, E. N., Vazire, S., & Furr, R. M. (2011). Meta-insight: Do people really know how others see them? Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 101, 831-846.

Carlson, E. N., Vazire, S., & Oltmanns, T. F. (2011). You probably think this paper's about you: Narcissists' perceptions of their personality and reputation. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 101, 185-201.

Carlson, E. N., & Furr, R. M. (2009). Differential meta-accuracy: People understand the different impressions they make.  Psychological Science, 20, 1033-1039.



B.Sc. (Psychology, University of Florida)
M.A. (Experimental Psychology, Wake Forest University)
M.A (Psychology, Washington University in St. Louis)
Ph. D (Social/Personality Psychology, Washington University in St. Louis)