Students in the ICCIT, whether they live on or off campus, are party of a dynamic community of students and academic staff who work collaboratively to ensure that student experience – academic, professional and social – is inclusive, inspiring and fun.

On-Campus Experience

(Sameer Rawjee, 2nd Year CCIT/Management Double Major)

On CampusLiving on campus as a CCIT Major is an amazing way to be near my classmates, the advanced technologies necessary for my coursework, and academic support. I take six courses and the workload can get heavy. There is nothing more fun than being able to go down the corridor in my residence and work together with other CCIT students. I work with some exciting software applications and being on campus makes it easy to use one of the Mac or PC labs to work on my homework assignments at any time of day or night. There have been times when I walk in the lab at 3am and it is filled with the vibrant energy of fellow CCIT students, of all years, working through the night. The labs are a great place to meet other students and be exposed to other courses and areas of study in ICCIT. This year, I am working on a mobile app development project and being near my research lab is critical for the success of the project. Whenever I am in residence and I need academic help, the necessary resources are steps away. ICCIT faculty members and other academic staff are also always open to answering questions and giving advice whenever they are available.

Off-Campus Experience

(Angelika Orgacki, 4th Year CCIT Major/Management Specialist)

Off Campus

Living in Mississauga, it made sense for me to live at home and commute to school. I was able to live off site while still easily participating in events and accessing resources that are on campus. Not only are the professors extremely helpful and knowledgeable, but also the student groups such as the ICCIT Council and the DEM Society offer a wide variety of options that allow ICCIT students to network and discover internship and job opportunities. I entered UTM not sure of what my future career would be, but my ICCIT program has allowed me to get out of my comfort zone, create a business profile and start networking with professionals from various industries. The labs are open to students throughout the night, which is great for all-nighters. Once you get hungry from all the studying, you can always count on the ICCIT Council for their ‘Exam De-stressors!’ For these free, late-night events, Council will organize sandwiches, snacks and drinks for students staying late at school. This coupled with great social and networking events has provided me with an invaluble experience and allowed me to form many new connections