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Upcoming Events

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Past Events

April 26: ICCIT End of Term Project Showcase

12:30pm4:30pm in MN2190 at UTM

We're pleased to announce the first annual ICCIT project showcase to highlight all the fantastic creative work being done by our students. All are invited to visit and view the work, and light refreshments will be provided.

April 11: ICCIT Annual Lecture: "The Cultural History of Digitization: A Reflection on the 'Cultural Technique of Flattening'" featuring Sybille Krämer

2:30pm4:00pm in CDRS (MN3230) at UTM

International Acclaimed media philosopher Sybille Krämer presents the inaugural ICCIT Annual Lecture and discusses the cultural history of digitization. The event will be open for public and there will be a small reception after the lecture.

April 10: Sybille Krämer Workshop

12:00pm4:15pm in DV3129 at UTM

In advance of the ICCIT Annual Lecture, the ICCIT is organizing a small workshop based on Sybille Krämer's work. Participation is limited so please reach out to Tero Karppi (tero.karppi@utoronto.ca) to sign up by April 1.

March 28: From Design Problem to Object: An Introduction to 3D Printing presented by the Open Design Collaboratory

5:00pm–8:00pm in the CCT Building (CC3110) at UTM

Discover the possibilities of 3D printing in this hands-on workshop! Whether you're a beginner or seasoned enthusiast, join us to learn about the machines we have at the ICCIT and help us build a community of makers. This workshop is open to everyone, and snacks will be served.

March 20: The Last Mammoth presented by Good Old Neon

1:00pm–3:00pm at Deerfield Hall Rehearsal Hall A (DH1060)

The Last Mammoth is a collaboration between Good Old Neon and the University of Toronto’s Prof. Rebecca Woods, an environmental historian whose current work focuses on the remains of frozen woolly mammoths and their place in global histories of science.

March 5-6: Log Out! The Technopolitics of Refusal

The Institute of Communication, Culture, Information and Technology is organizing a symposium on the technopolitics of refusal, with Nicole Charles (U of Toronto), Leopoldina Fortunati (U of Udine), Jilly Boyce Kay (Loughborough U), Gavin Mueller (U of Amsterdam), Sarah Sharma (U of Toronto), Rinaldo Walcott (U at Buffalo), plus a set of theory pills by U of Toronto PhD students, and a pre-conference film screening of Machines in Flames with director Andrew Culp (California Institute of the Arts). The symposium is organized by Julie Chen, Alessandro Delfanti, and Sarah Sharma.

March 1: The Politics of Design Methods: Deconstructing Mechanisms of Participation in the Collaborative Design of Technology with Stakeholders featuring Dr. Awais Hameed Khan

1:00pm in the CCT Building (CC3110) at UTM

There is a growing interest in participatory and collaborative design methods, tools, and techniques. However, little is documented about how these ‘mechanisms of participation’ are practically developed, adapted, and applied by designers to create value. The purpose of this talk is to help further the discussion about what it means to truly ‘democratize’ technology — and why it is imperative we actively and thoughtfully use participatory approaches to address genuine user needs and perspectives. Presented by the Open Design Collaboratory.

March 1: Sketching Your Personality presented by the Open Design Collaboratory

5:00pm in the CCT Building (CC3110) at UTM

We use technology every day to engage with the world around us. But who we are, the experiences we have, and our identity is not always represented in these systems. Join this open workshop to explore how we can collectively reimagine our individual ‘positonality’ in technological systems, by creating comic-based narratives of the future we want! Snacks will be provided. Organized by Samar Sabie and Awais Kameed Khan.

February 8: Crosstalk featuring Alessandro Delfanti and Vera Khovanskaya

1:00pm-2:30pm in the Claude Bissell Building (BL728)

How do we study labour in the digital economy? Find out at this Winter 2024 installment of the Faculty of Information's Crosstalk series. These lectures pair professors across the tri-campus to explore connections between their works and enable inter- and multi-disciplinary collaborations.