A student wearing a VR visor and holding a controller in each hand stares off into the distance. Four students sit around the table, monitoring laptops and a television screen with the VR game displayed.

The ICCIT is a hub for transformative research initiatives and public scholarship at UTM and across the tri-campus. Our faculty and graduate students traverse disciplines, departments, and the private and public sectors to study the human impact of new technologies within Canadian and international contexts.

Our Mission

Faculty and graduate students at the ICCIT explore the relationship between humans and technology. Our work is fundamentally interdisciplinary but focused through three basic assumptions:

  1. The relationships between humans and the technologies they use are neither monolithic nor self-evident.
  2. These relationships are constantly changing and, therefore, must be constantly interrogated.
  3. The future of our cultures and our species is inevitably shaped by our relationship to technology.

Our faculty, our students, and our institution as a whole aim to explore the implications of technology across all domains of human activity. This includes prescient scholarship on health & medicine, business & finance, gender, race, sexuality, identity, writing & journalism, science, environmentalism, space exploration, activism, class & labour, marketing & public relations, political economy, interpersonal communication, family, war, play, and education.