ICCIT Code of Conduct

ICCIT expectations for conduct in the academic setting

The Institute for Communication, Culture, Information and Technology (ICCIT) embodies a unique culture of learning, networking and collegiality. This culture is developed through mutual respect and the collective desire to achieve the goals of the university "to graduate students who will be distinguished professionals and educators; effective agents of change; and creative, ethical, and intellectual forces in the broader community.”

To achieve these goals, the learning environment (classes, labs, tutorials and consultations) must be a hub for academic dialogue between faculty, staff, TAs and students. This dialogue can only work if there is mutual respect and responsibility amongst all parties.

Our responsibility to students:

  • To create a safe learning environment where all voices are heard
  • To explicitly state our expectations for class discussions, assignments and tests
  • To provide the tools for students to learn in terms of resources assessment and grading criteria, and consultation
  • To treat students respectfully, equally and fairly

Students responsibilities:

  • To abide and respect the ICCIT code of conduct and the Code of Behaviours on Academic Matters
  • Be duly prepared for class by completing the scheduled readings before class
  • To listen attentively during class but also engage in active discussion when invited to do so
  • To show respect for your professors, TAs, and fellow students
  • Arrive on time. Please notify the instructor if you need to miss a class or if you must leave early
  • Use mobile devices only in relation to class activities and the discretion of the instructor
  • Attend classes; this provides the added value to your education through face-to-face interaction and the opportunity to articulate and discuss your ideas within a scholarly forum

The purpose of the ICCIT code of conduct is to establish and maintain a thriving learning community for all. By clicking this button you agree to the ICCIT Code of Conduct and are confirming that you have completed the UTM Academic Integrity Modules.

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