ICCIT Sheridan Joint Program Migration FAQ

The UTM/Sheridan College joint program in Culture, Communication, Information and Technology (CCIT) was launched in 2000. With two decades of joint delivery of the program, thousands of alumni and an ever-evolving creative industry context, University of Toronto Mississauga and Sheridan College have determined that there is an opportunity for each institution to deliver its own first-rate and distinctive interdisciplinary programs aligned to their respective strengths.

Together we have agreed that the final intake into the UTM/Sheridan CCIT Program will be Fall 2021. We look forward to continuing to run the program jointly at both institutions with the final joint program cohort intake in Fall 2021. The students currently in the joint program, up to and including the final intake in Fall 2021, will stay within the current structure until graduation in 2024.

UTM and Sheridan College are steadfast in their commitment to providing a high-quality student experience through 2024. Students are strongly encouraged to complete their Sheridan Certificate in Digital Communications course requirements by end of spring term, 2024. Students needing extra time to complete their degree will be advised on a case-by-case basis for the completion of their degree at UTM. Below are answers to questions current CCIT students may have about the completion of their degrees.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will I be able to complete my CCIT program and degree?

UTM and Sheridan are both committed to running the joint program to ensure that all those admitted to the UTM/Sheridan CCIT program prior to and including Fall 2021 will be able to graduate as long as all certificate, program and degree requirements are successfully completed. The Sheridan certificate curriculum, including all current courses, will remain available to students admitted to the joint program prior to and including Fall 2021; for these cohorts, there will be no reduction in CCIT courses as they move through the program toward graduation. 

Will I still need to travel to both UTM and Sheridan during this transition period?

Yes. The structure of the CCIT joint program will not change during the transition period. Sheridan courses will be offered on the Trafalgar Road Sheridan campus, as usual.

What facilities will I have access to at Sheridan?

During the transition period, CCIT students will have the same access to Sheridan facilities as they have always had. 

What will take the place of the joint program?

For CCIT major students accepted into the program as second year students in Fall 2022 (who were first year students enrolling at UTM in Fall 2021) and beyond, UTM will continue to deliver the CCIT Major, DEM Specialist and PWC Major and Minor as part of the Honours Bachelor of Arts degree. The curriculum will be revised to reflect evolving needs and interests, and to prepare students for the expanding range of opportunities for communication professionals.

Will I be able to take courses in the CCIT program after the transition?

At UTM, courses migrated from Sheridan to UTM will be equivalent to non-major elective courses, so yes, a majority of the courses will be available to the Institute of Communication, Culture, Information and Technology students. At Sheridan, CCIT students will take only CCIT courses, as per past practice.

Will I still be able to complete the Sheridan certificate?

The Sheridan certificate will no longer be an option for students entering ICCIT in Fall 2022; however, students who began their ICCIT program(s) before then will be able to complete the requirements up until Winter 2024. As an alternative to the Sheridan certificate, students are encouraged to explore the workshops available through the newly launched Certificate of Completion in Media Skills, as they are available to all CCIT in-program students at no additional cost.

Is the Sheridan certificate optional during the transition?

Yes, the certificate is optional, as it has been in the past. However, students are still required to take certain Sheridan courses as part of the joint CCIT program requirements. For more information on the current Sheridan certificate, please see our Certificate in Digital Communication page.

What is the timeline during the transition?

  • From Fall 2022, UTM will offer all CCIT Major second year courses (second year courses will not be offered at Sheridan).
  • From Fall 2023, UTM will offer all CCIT Major second and third year courses (second and third year courses will not be offered at Sheridan).
  • From Fall 2024, UTM will offer ALL CCIT Major courses — second, third and fourth year. Joint program ends in April 2024.
  • Important to stay in your cohort and take courses required in the proper sequence as indicated in the UTM Calendar. Speak to an ICCIT student advisor if you are not sure about your program plan.