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I know the answer to protecting kids online and it’s not banning cellphones

By Rhonda McEwen

Published May 2, 2024 in The Toronto Star

The recent lawsuit brought by four Ontario school boards against Meta Platforms Inc., owner of Facebook and Instagram, and the owners of Snapchat (Snap Inc), and TikTok (ByteDance), alleging they harm students and the education system, brings to light the urgent need for managing social media use in elementary schools.

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The rise of robo-retail: Who gets left behind when retail is automated?

By Mathew Iantorno

Published February 14, 2024 in The Conversation

Canada’s first robotic cafe, RC Coffee, opened in Toronto in October 2020. The flagship location of the coffee chain revived the long-dormant retail concept of the automat: a restaurant where food and drinks are served by technology, rather than human staff. 

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TVO strike highlights the scourge of contract work in public service journalism

By Nicole Cohen

Published August 29, 2023 in The Conversation

Workers at TVO are on strike for the first time in the public broadcaster’s 53-year history. Amid the din of traffic outside TVO’s offices in Toronto, unionized journalists, producers and education workers hold picket signs declaring: “Fund TVO Like it Matters.” 

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What the ‘NPC streaming’ TikTok trend spells for the future of gaming and erotic work

By Christine H. Tran

Published July 25, 2023 in The Conversation Canada

Yes, yes… mmm, mmm ice cream so good,” coos a platinum-haired woman known on TikTok as Pinkydoll. Holding a hair straightener, she plays with popcorn kernels and audibly pops her lips. Your screen brightens with emojis of food, roses and stars purchased by her audience. What are we watching? Why?

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Billions have been sunk into virtual reality. To make it worth it, the industry needs to grow beyond its walled gardens

By Bree McEwen

Published February 26, 2023 in The Conversation Canada

Despite recent waves of Big Tech layoffs, billions of dollars have been sunk into virtual reality (VR) hardware and software over the past few years. For this investment to be worthwhile, the VR industry needs to achieve sustainability and growth.

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Loblaw's PR response to consumer criticism shows it prioritizes profit over people

By Dan Guadagnolo

Published February 22, 2023 in The Conversation Canada

Loblaw Companies made headlines in October 2022 for freezing the prices on one of its in-store brands in the face of record food inflation. When the promotion finally ended on Jan. 31, consumers responded negatively to the announcement.

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Interviews & Panels

What a TikTok ban could mean for Canadians — and could it happen here?

Featuring Brett Caraway

Published March 15, 2024 in Global News

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These people do not exist: Inside the rapidly growing world of AI-generated Instagram influencers

Featuring Tero Karppi

Published December 10, 2023 in the Toronto Star

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Why Twitter — now X — serves you bad information on the Israel-Hamas war

Featuring Brett Caraway

Published October 22, 2023 in the National Post

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Canada should pay attention to Google antitrust case, say Jim Balsillie, other experts

Featuring Brett Caraway

Published September 12, 2023 in the Toronto Star

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Striking workers rally as Steve Paikin warns TVO is the last of its kind: ‘The rest have all been sold, shut down, or starved’

Featuring Nicole Cohen

Published August 23, 2023 in the Toronto Star

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What's the Future of the Tech Sector?

Featuring Brett Caraway

Broadcast January 19, 2023 on The Agenda with Steve Paikin

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