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Why become a Mentor?

Joining the ICCIT Student Mentorship Program as a mentor is the perfect opportunity to have a positive impact on the ICCIT community, while strengthening your leadership skills and adding to your resume.

By sharing your experience and knowledge with second-year ICCIT students, you will help them make the most of their university experience! Student Mentors are role models and leaders who give back to their community and help other students achieve their full potential. 

Becoming an ISMP mentor is a paid USW casual position at the University of Toronto Mississauga. Mentors make their schedule and work for up to 9 hours per month.

Who supports the mentors?

The mentors are supported by the ICCIT Student Mentorship Program Coordinator and Senior Mentors. For the full duration of the program, mentors will receive guidelines, help and tips on how to maximize their mentoring experience as a mentor. 

As an ISMP mentor you will:

  • Share your university experience and knowledge about UTM and ICCIT resources with newly admitted ICCIT students, by hosting group sessions and one-on-ones
  • Support newly admitted ICCIT students during their transition into the ICCIT
  • Help mentees to make the most of their university experience
  • Connect mentees with useful resources important to their academic, personal and professional success

Eligibility to be an ICCIT student mentor:

  • 3rd or upper year students in the following programs: CCITDEMPWC or TCS
  • Able to commit up to 9 hours per month, from September to April
  • Knowledgeable about UTM & ICCIT resources
  • Excellent communication skills to communicate accurate and timely information to mentees
  • Determined to build leadership, coaching, and professionalism skills

For a full description of the ISMP mentor position, visit CLNX. 

Program logistics:

The mentoring program runs throughout the Fall and Winter terms (i.e., September-April). It involves up to 5 group sessions and a minimum of 2 one-on-ones with your peer-mentor. 

Specific mentoring session date, duration, content and location will be determined by a mutual agreement between the mentor and mentees based on their availability.

CCR Requirements for Mentors:

To encourage your commitment to this program, this position will be added to your Co-Curricular Record (CCR). To receive CCR, mentors are expected to: 

  • Attend and participate in all mandatory training during the Summer prior to the academic year.
  • Design and submit a monthly session to support your mentees in their professional and personal development.
  • Track your mentees’ attendance to the sessions.
  • Be available to mentees for up to 9 hours per month, including responding promptly to their queries and concerns.
  • Host 5 group sessions and 2 one-on-ones per mentees. 
  • Become familiar with the needs of your mentees and promote appropriate UTM and ICCIT resources
  • Facilitate group and individual activities.


If you have any questions regarding the program, you can kindly message the Program Coordinator, for help at

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