Sabrina Coccagna

Assistant Director, Conference & Special Events
Hospitality & Ancillary Services (Conference & Event Services)

What do you do?
We take care of all events on campus, room bookings outside of the academic calendar, film shoots and summer conference business.

What is your favorite thing about UTM?
I went to College for Hospitality management and I love that I can still do that but within the setting of the University. I love the growth that is always happening at UTM.

What is the part of your role at UTM that you like the most?
I have worked with film shoots since the 90’s and I love that we can host them at UTM. It is such a fast-paced action-filled part of my job.

What do you like doing outside of work?
I love live music, travelling, food and wine, basketball and dogs.

What is your favorite food?
So hard to pin point, but I’d choose chicken wings.

I worked in film in Whistler, and then moved to hotels and bars in Toronto, and when I came to UTM I brought film shoots with me.