David Vieira

Parking Control Coordinator
Hospitality & Ancillary Services (Parking & Transportation Services)

What do you do?
Provide guidance pertaining to parking permits, rules and regulations, & enforce and coordinate parking enforcement on campus. Inspect parking lots, flag issues and help resolve parking lot deficiencies. Coordinate the maintenance of parking equipment. As part of a great team, help facilitate parking for those attending UTM Campus.

What is your favorite thing about UTM?
I love the friendly atmosphere on campus. UTM's surrounding natural habitat is such a beautiful sight, it can be calming.

What is the part of your role at UTM that you like the most?
I take satisfaction in making a positive difference, by assisting customers that are having issues at the P&D machines. Meeting knew people and directing them to their desired destination. Identify parking lot/equipment deficiencies and help to resolve them.

What do you like doing outside of work?
Spend time with family, friends and the pooch. Workout, write, search for antiques and rare treasures. Explore our beautiful province, especially the Niagara region.

What is your favorite food?
Lol I can’t decide - seafood, steak, homemade spaghetti and meat balls.

My pup has now learned over 20 tricks/commands, like – spin, hop, close the door.