Tracey Bowen's headshot

Tracey Bowen

Professor, Teaching Stream
Vice-Dean, Teaching & Learning, UTM

PhD OISE/UT, Curriculum, Teaching & Learning
M.Ed. Brock University Faculty of Education
BFA (Honours) York University

Recent Courses:
CCT304 Visual Communications and Digital Environments
CCT310 Mass Communications & Popular CultureCCT409 Work Based Learning
CCT410 Internship I
CCT411 Internship II
WRI410 Internship I
WRI410 Internship II

Research Interests:

  1. Experiential Education and developing professionals: My research in the field of Experiential Education examines the cognitive and affective impact of work-based learning on students who are in the process of transitioning from learner to industry professional. I am interested in studying how students make meaning from their experiences in relation to their academic development, and how reflective writing creates a space for  pedagogical affordances that extend beyond describing, recording and evaluating their experiences.
  2. Visual Literacies: The digital age has illuminated the multi-modalities of how we learn about and negotiate the world. I am particularly interested in the ways in which students perceive themselves as visual thinkers and how I can create opportunities for them to develop a visual literacy that is grounded in rhetorical concepts and critical thinking.

Research Areas:

  • Student development in the transition stage between learner and professional
  • Spatial literacy and conceptualizing spaces of professional practice
  • Visual literacy and visual thinking
  • Visual rhetoric and Globalization
  • Drawing as a method of conceptualization and inquiry in scholarly contexts
  • Graffiti

Dr. Tracey Bowen is co-investigator of the international research study “Gender Disparities in Work-Integrated Learning Placements: Students Perceptions of Bias and Challenges.” Collaborators include Work-integrated learning scholars from University of Toronto, University of Waterloo, Napier University, Edinburgh and University West, Sweden. Her article titled “Examining students’ perspectives on gender bias in their work-integrated learning placements” reports on the findings of the UTM pilot study that initiated the international collaboration and is forthcoming (2020) in Higher Education Research & Development. Bowen also continues to research the use of soft systems methodologies and Rich Pictures for facilitating critical thinking and collaborative problem solving within the undergraduate classroom.

Bowen, T. (2021). Visualizing Gentrification: Resistance and reclamation through the writing on the wallsIn, T. Bowen and B. R. Caraway (Eds.)Visual Futures: Exploring the Past, Present, and Divergent Possibilities     of Visual Practice. Chicago: Intellect, The University of Chicago Press, pp. 53-71.

Bowen, T. (2020) Work-integrated learning placements and remote working: Experiential Learning online. 
International Journal of Work-integrated Learning, 21(4), 377-386.

Bowen, T. (2019). Examining students’ perspectives on gender bias in their work-integrated learning placements. Higher Education Research and Development. 39(3): 411-424.                 

Bowen, T. and Evans, M.M. (2019). Shedding Light on “Knowledge”: Identifying and Analyzing Visual Metaphors in Drawings. Metaphor and Symbol, 34(4): 243-257.

Bowen, T. and Evans, MM. (2018). What does knowledge look like? Interpreting diagrams as contemporary hieroglyphics. Visual Communications, 18(4): 475-505.

Bowen, T. (2017). Assessing visual literacy: a case study of developing a rubric for identifying and   applying criteria to undergraduate student learning. Teaching in Higher Education, 22(6): 705-719.