Prof. Tero Karppi headshot

Tero Karppi

Assistant Professor
905 569 4652
Office Location:
CCT 3079

Programs: CCIT; Graduate Appointment at Faculty of Information
Currently accepting PhD students: Yes
Specialization: Critical/cultural studies of social media platforms; affect theory; non-human theories; computational culture. 

Research Interests:
My research focuses on disconnections in social media and network culture in theory and in practice. I am interested in understanding our culture of connectivity through different platforms and their operations – especially I am interested in the moments of failure. That is, when things crash, users leave social media sites, or our expectations of how technology should work fail. Often, my works try to challenge human-centric approaches and open our computational culture from non-human perspectives. My book tentatively titled Disconnect. Contesting Social Media is currently contracted with University of Minnesota Press.

Research Areas:

  • Social Media
  • Platforms, data
  • AI, automation, algorithms 
  • Social Bots, Robots
  • Computational culture and software studies
  • Affect theory
  • Cultural techniques


A. Peer reviewed articles

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Marc Böhlen and Tero Karppi, ”Making of Robot Care,” Transformations Journal, No 29, 2017.

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B. Book

Tero Karppi, DisconnectFacebook’s Affective Bonds. (University of Minnesota Press, forthcoming 2018).

C. Journal Special Issues

Tero Karppi, Lotta Kähkönen, Mona Mannevuo, Mari Pajala and Tanja

Sihvonen (eds.), Affective Capitalism. Special issue of ephemera 16(4), November 2016.

Tanja Sihvonen and Tero Karppi (eds.), Sosiaaliset mediat ja minäteknologiat – a social media special issue for Lähikuva No.2, 2012.

D. Book Chapters


Tero Karppi, “Happy Accidents – Facebook and the Value of Affect.” In Networked Affect by Ken Hillis, Susanna Paasonen & Michale Petit. MIT Press 2015, pp. 221-234.