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Olga Bountali

Assistant Professor
Cross-appointed with Department of Management

Olga Bountali is an Assistant Professor of Operations Management at the University of Toronto Mississauga, in the Institute of Communication, Culture, Information and Technology and the Department of Management, with a cross-appointment at the Rotman School of Management. Her research interests are in operations management with a focus on stochastic modeling and complex decision-making under competition. In particular, her expertise lies in applying economic analysis to quantify how the behavior of self-interested customers impacts service operations, revenues, and the delivery of health care. She has active collaboration with people from diverse disciplines, including engineering and business, as well as physicians and practitioners at Parkland Memorial Hospital and UT Southwestern in the DFW Metroplex. In the past, she has also offered consulting services to Marriott Hotels.

Prior to joining the University of Toronto, Olga Bountali was a postdoctoral fellow at Southern Methodist University (Engineering Management, Information, and Systems Department) and Koç University (Industrial Engineering Department). She received her Ph.D. degree from the Operations Research Group of the Department of Mathematics, at the University of Athens.

DEM, CCIT; Commerce, Management


  • Nourbakhsh, F., Bountali O., and Çetinkaya, S. (2022). Innovative use of operational tools to improve emergent dialysis practice and inform healthcare policy-makers. IISE Transactions on Healthcare Systems Engineering. 1-35. https://doi.org/10.1080/24725579.2022.2032486
  • Bountali O., Çetinkaya, S., and Ahuja, V. (2021). On the impact of treatment restrictions for the indigent suffering from a chronic disease: The case of compassionate dialysis. Service Science, Articles in Advance, 1-22.

Working Papers

  • Bountali O., Baron O., and Gorbushin A. (2022). Strategic Double-Booked Appointments and Ways to Disincentivize them. 
  • Bountali, O., Çetinkaya, S., Hashler, M., Nourbakhsh, F., and Quinones, H. (2022). Emergent Dialysis Process at Parkland Hospital: Causalities and Implications of the Acceptance-For-Treatment Decisions.
  • Bountali, O., Çetinkaya, S., and Nourbakhsh, F. (2022). Reengineering the compassionate dialysis protocol through prioritization in the triage (working paper).


Dr. Olga Bountali is currently working on a project that deals with serving the indigent, uninsured population in Texas that suffers from chronic diseases. In collaboration with faculty from Southern Methodist University and physicians and practitioners from Parkland Memorial Hospital and UT Southwestern in the DFW Metroplex, Dr. Bountali has used stochastic modeling techniques along with empirical tools to reengineer the dialysis unit operation at Parkland, improving both system and patient outcomes.


Queueing Theory
Stochastic Modeling
Healthcare Operations