Prof. Gabor Virag's headshot

Gabor Virag

Associate Professor
Cross-appointed with Department of Management

Programs: DEM
Specialization: Auction theory; economics of the internet; consumer and labour market search; political economy

Professor Gabor Virag
Ph.D. in Economics, Princeton University, 2004

Recent Courses
CCT 495 Finance, Innovation and the Digital Company

Research Interests
I work in the economics of auctions, and dynamic market interaction, search theory. Recent interests also include applying dynamic models of market interaction to study the online market place.

Research Areas

  • Auctions
  • Consumer and Labor Market Search
  • Economics of the Internet
  • Political Economy

Dr. Gabor Virag researches the economics of information, concentrating on dynamic trading mechanisms in markets with search frictions. He asks how agents trade under less than perfect knowledge about market conditions, and whether the individual decisions aggregate into a socially efficient outcome where all the information available to agents is taken into account by market forces. Recently, he started working on how to best incentivize technological innovation. Virag has recently published several peer-reviewed articles, in leading journals like the Review of Economic Studies, International Economic Review, and Theoretical Economics. He gave invited talks at several leading research universities like Duke University, University of British Columbia and University of Virginia, as well as at leading conferences like the Econometric Society Winter and Summer meetings as well as the AEA Winter meetings.