Bree McEwan's headshot

Bree McEwan

Associate Professor

Programs: CCIT and Graduate Appointment Department of Sociology
Specializations:  Mediated Communication, Quantitative Methods

Degrees and Institutions
BA, Michigan State University
MA, Arizona State University
PhD, Arizona State University

Recent Courses
CCT208F Research Methods
CCT386S Information Practice in Virtual Worlds
CCT416S Social Media Analytics

Research Areas
Social Media, Mediated Networked Relationships, Virtual Interactions, Virtual Reality Pedagogy

Dr. Bree McEwan’s research focuses on the intersection between interpersonal communication and communication technology. Her book Navigating New Media Networks explores how communication technology, in particular social media facilitates interpersonal communication processes and relationships. She has published two measures, the Facebook Relational Maintenance measure, and the Perceived Social Affordances of Communication Channels scale. Dr. McEwan’s recent projects involves tests of an original theory of online information diffusion, the Mediated Skewed Diffusion of Issues Information theory, and exploring how people interact within virtual reality environments.

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