A close up view of the TikTok logo on a phone screen

ICCIT Faculty Member Brett Caraway in the News

ICCIT faculty member Brett Caraway was featured in the news twice this past month.

On November 23, Caraway was invited onto the What happened to…? podcast, produced by Global News, to discuss security concerns surrounding the short-form video app TikTok.

"I think that a lot of the concerns that are circulating around ByteDance and TikTok right now are very much part of a sort of escalation in tensions between China and the West... There are concerns around the amount of information or data that a platform like TikTok... collects."

On December 1, he was further interviewed by Global Radio regarding the online news agreement between Google and the federal government.

"I think what the government was banking on was that everybody was bluffing... They anticipated they would fold, and Meta did not and, of course, it looked like Google was prepared to walk away as well."

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